Eurocargo: the best for transportation in any condition

Best-in-class vehicle at European level for medium range delivery, Eurocargo is the undisputed point of reference for the European market, with a leadership position in the 6 to 18 t weight sector. 
The range of 4x4 vehicles includes four models available with three different motors and two gross vehicle weights of 11.5 and 15 t. It is the ideal vehicle for uses such as the laying and maintenance of power lines, snow clearing, forestry and civil protection missions. The cab features a rugged design to protect against impacts; the bumper is made out of steel and is provided with a factory headlight protection grille and front manoeuvring tow post. A front step has been provided to enable cleaning of the windscreen, while the lower one, which grants access to the cab, can be flipped up in order to overcome obstacles without being damaged.

Excellent interior comfort: The cabin materials are all washable and resistant, the driving seat is ergonomic and the steering wheel can be adjusted both for height and tilt with all controls within easy reach. 

The engine is a 6 cylinder Tector with power ratings of 217, 251 or 279 HP (160, 185 or 205 kW) Euro 5 with SCR system.  The gearbox is manual with 6 speeds and integrated power take-off (PTO) as an optional extra.  There are four possible wheelbase configurations: from 3240 to 4150 mm.  Both the single rear wheel and double rear wheel models have parabolic suspensions as standard; but can be specified with semi-elliptical ones on request.

The low gear selectors and differential block are located on a control panel between the two seats and enable the connection of the short ratio gears and the blocking of the differential, making the drive shafts totally interconnected.  In normal conditions the torque distribution is 33% on the front axle and 67% on the rear axle.  The drum brakes are on two axles with ABS.

On show at Intermat will be a Eurocargo ML 150E28 4x4 WRS, exhibited in the colours of the EDF Group, the French national company that supplies electricity in France and promotes the development of sustainable energy.  Mounted with a Fassi crane connected to a platform, this vehicle has been designed to operate on the roughest terrain.  Among its other features, the vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic winch, a Téléflow system which enables the pressure of the tyres to be changed quickly and a TELMA retarder mounted on the rear axle.