The Iveco range: technical information (2)

New Trakker: efficiency and value even off-road

Among the novelties, Iveco presents the new Trakker at the Hanover vehicle show. The vehicle, in its world premiere, has been renewed in its cab and in the telematics devices inside it. Reliability, efficiency, robustness and safety, these are the characteristics that make the new Trakker the ideal solution for everyday use as well as the toughest challenges.

Iveco's quarry and construction site vehicle can operate on impracticable, uneven terrain, withstanding constant stress with an incredibly powerful performance. In order to face heavy work, in terms of productivity for the customer, Iveco has come up with the perfect work vehicle, from its design to its robustness and functionality. This is a vehicle that raises productivity beyond all imaginable limits, while offering the comfort of a road vehicle on construction-site and off-road missions.

Hi-Comfort & Ergonomics: the new cabs

The most important innovation was made to the cab, developed by borrowing from the solutions used in the heavy-duty road vehicles STRALIS, Hi-Street and Hi-Road. The new cab springs from the idea of enhancing driving comfort and time spent on board, factors already considered to be fundamental for productivity and safety.

Hi-Land is the short cab with low roof while Hi-Track is the long cab for missions that require the driver to spend the night on board and is available with either a low or a high roof. Entirely redesigned with mass-coloured top-quality plastics and anti-scratch treatments, the dashboard is highly ergonomic. All button and switch controls are easily visible and accessible while remaining perfectly seated.


The New Trakker is equipped with the Cursor engines which ensure power and endurance over time. The Trakker's Cursor engines - designed to guarantee excellent performance, low cost of ownership and superior driving comfort - are available in 8 or 13 litres and range from 310 to 500 HP. The Cursor 8, available in a 360 HP version with variable-geometry turbo, has displacement of 7,790 cm3 and in-line six-cylinder architecture, and meets EEV standards, which are even stricter than Euro V.

The Cursor 13 is ideal for the most demanding applications in the toughest environments and most adverse conditions, delivering high torque at low rpm for great drivability. The Cursor 13 is available in the 450- and 500- HP versions with variable-geometry turbo and in the 410-HP version with fixed-geometry turbo with a waste-gate. The New Trakker may also be equipped with an Intarder to further reduce the consumption of friction material by the brakes.


The main feature of the new Trakker is its robustness. Starting with the steel chassis with a high yield limit, each individual component guarantees performance that endures over time. The ZF gearboxes available on the new Trakker are all about ergonomics and performance. For example, the manual 9-speed and 16-speed Ecosplit gearboxes are equipped with a servo-shift system for safer, more comfortable driving and the automatic 12-speed and 16-speed gearboxes with a gear selector built into the steering column stalk, which makes driving more comfortable.


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