The Iveco range: technical information (1)

STRALIS Hi-Way: working on the hi-way

Iveco presents the STRALIS Hi-Way, the latest generation of heavy-duty road vehicles. The new STRALIS Hi-Way, produced at the Iveco plant in Madrid, offers a series of important advantages to customers: reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and enhanced reliability and quality.

Hi-Profitability: the lowest cost of ownership over a vehicle life cycle

The needs of the customer are the most important factors for Iveco in addressing its product engineering solutions. With this in mind, Iveco developed the new STRALIS Hi-Way with the aim of reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
By combining product quality with a range of integrated services that include programmed assistance, fleet management and driver training for economical driving, Iveco can obtain a TCO reduction by up to 4% on an international mission carried out with a STRALIS Hi-Way tractor unit for an average of 130,000 kilometres a year and a holding period of 48 months.

As part of the costs that contribute to determining the value of the TCO, the most significant factor is represented by fuel consumption. Building on the ECOSTRALIS technologies already applied in the previous range, which ensured excellent fuel efficiency, the new STRALIS is equipped with next-generation solutions. In combination, these additions allow for a savings of up to 10% in fuel.

Hi-Design & Aerodynamics: the new front section

Designed with the primary aim of reducing drag coefficient (Cx), the new cab has been enhanced through new design features that render its unique style even more distinctive. The new front end is characterised by a central grille and redesigned air deflectors, a new sun visor with LED lights, optimized bumper design, light assemblies equipped with LED Daytime Running Lights and BiXenon headlights.

Aerodynamics is one of the most critical factors in determining energy efficiency: at 85 km/h, 40% of the fuel is used to overcome air resistance. The new STRALIS cab is streamlined to achieve an excellent drag coefficient (Cx), improved by 3%. This makes the cab quieter for the driver, whilst delivering a significant fuel advantage on long-haul missions for the operator.

Hi-Comfort & Ergonomics: the new cabs

The STRALIS cab range offers two widths: the premium Hi-Way cab (width 2,500 mm), designed to ensure maximum comfort on long-haul missions for either single or two-man crews. This top-of-the-range cab is available in high and low-roof sleeper cab versions. Alternatively a medium cab (width 2,300 mm) is available as a sleeper cab Hi-Road with a choice of medium-high and low-roof, or as a day-cab Hi-Street low roof model.

All cabs have been redesigned around the driver, delivering exceptional ergonomics, comfort, safety and infotainment. This helps to support the creation of an optimal working environment where the focus is on maximising productivity.

Hi-Technology & Telematics: the on-board telematics

At the stand in Hanover, an area entirely dedicated to TELEMATICS will be located right next to the STRALIS range.

The pursuit of efficiency also makes use of advanced and easy-to-use control devices which help to provide a productive work environment. In particular, on the new STRALIS you will find IVECONNECT, the exclusive system with a 7’’ touchscreen that allows you to manage infotainment, navigation, driving support tools and advanced fleet-management services in an easy and integrated way.
IVECONNECT DRIVE includes a navigation system with truck navigation function, the “Driving Style Evaluation” system, which acts as a driving instructor always on board, and the Driver Attention Support safety device, to protect the driver from fatigue and drowsiness. This same touchscreen interface is also the on-board terminal for the IVECONNECT FLEET advanced fleet-management services, a new system that monitors the vehicle’s position and allows for data integration with the company's logistics systems.

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