The Iveco stand

The focus is on the heavy range

The stand covers over two thousand square meters and reflects colours and materials used for the creation of the Fiat Industrial Village in Turin. It presents some of the most representative vehicles of the different ranges and it is divided into sections, according to the ranges.

The spotlight at the stand centre is on the heavy range vehicles; right at the heart of the stand, there is an area dedicated to engines and engine technologies. All around the central area of the stand, the vehicles of the other ranges are exhibited, from light to medium-duty vehicles, including minibuses, buses and construction vehicles.

The entire exhibition area, further to be a products’ showcase, shows how Iveco places the customer at the heart of its company strategy. From the design to the marketing of the product, from technical support to the definition of tailored financial services, attention is always focused on creating value for those who, on a daily basis, use Iveco vehicles for their work.

FPT Industrial innovative powertrain technologies in the heart of the stand

The engine technology area - in the heart of the stand - features Euro VI engines realised by FPT Industrial, the backbone of Fiat Industrial, which provides innovative engine solutions for all of the Group’s companies. First with the Tier IV engines for CNH and then with the fully patented advanced catalytic reduction system High Efficiency SCR (HI-eSCR), FPT Industrial ensures absolute advantages over its competitors. FPT Industrial’s after-treatment technology for Euro VI vehicles is unique and exclusive, since it meets the strict nitrogen oxide emissions limits through the catalytic reduction system, without any recirculation of exhaust gases.

At the exhibition area also light and medium range

Vehicles from the medium (Eurocargo) and light (Daily) ranges are also on show at the stand. In total, three Daily vehicles are exhibited, one of which is electric. This vehicle guarantees high reliability and is perfectly adaptable to ordinary urban missions, such as door-to-door distribution and urban passenger transport.

For medium range vehicles, the Eurocargo, best in class in Europe for medium haulage distribution, is shown in its Euro V EEV, as it is still the undisputed benchmark for the European market. In fact, it is a leader in the 6 to 19 t GVM segment.

Astra exhibits HD9 in Hanover

The off-road range also includes the Astra brand, spotlighted in Hanover with the new version of the HD9, an even more performing vehicle with a new cab. Astra represents an essential reference point in quarry/building-site transport for all big construction companies looking for a reliable partner, in terms of both strength and versatility of the vehicles and in terms of customer support.

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