The showcase area for medium and heavy vehicles: Stralis and Eurocargo, savings champions

​Iveco is acutely aware of the importance of innovation as a driver for change and for the development of sustainable mobility solutions, and as such, has long chosen to provide customers with cutting-edge products which offer superior reliability, optimal performance, technological excellence and a favourable cost-benefit ratio. All of this is designed to enable Iveco to provide both large transport operators and retail customers with a product offering which ensures maximum efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, thus maximising productivity and above all reliability, whilst reducing maintenance costs and cultivating an excellent price-performance ratio.

Iveco launches the all new Stralis Efficiency Package, a series of innovations aimed at reducing total operating costs for hauliers on three key fronts: fuel consumption, maintenance costs and a broader product offering.

Iveco's strategy for reducing fuel consumption targets two crucial factors: the vehicle and the driver. Consistent with the lineage of EcoStralis that continued with the Stralis Hi-Way Euro VI, Iveco today brings further reduction in fuel consumption equal to 2%, bringing total savings to 4.5% compared to Euro V version. Such performance is guaranteed by TÜV, one of Europe's leading centers of technical certification.

These results have been achieved by introducing new enhancements and include Eco-Roll, which is available with automatic transmissions, improved thermal management of the engine and the use of innovative low-viscosity oil. Eco-Roll is a feature that allows the vehicle to use inertia to its advantage when travelling on gentle downhill slopes. The system evaluates the road slope and "disengages" the powertrain if necessary, thus putting the vehicle into neutral. At the end of the slope, the system calculates and selects the optimal gear, thus re-establishing normal vehicle operation.
Improved thermal management of engine oil, in combination with the introduction of a new synthetic lubricant, SAE 0W-20, has made it possible to increase drive efficiency, further improving fuel economy.
All Stralis vehicles with Cursor 11 and 13 engines will feature these enhancements.

Whilst these improvements impact vehicle performance, others concern driver performance: an efficient driving style permits fuel savings that are equal to or higher than any technological solution.
Driving Style Evaluation (DSE), already successfully introduced on Stralis tractors equipped with Cursor 11 and Cursor 13 engines, is now also available on 4x2 and 6x2 rigid vehicles, and it will soon be extended to vehicles fitted with Cursor 9 engines. Iveco developed DSE in order to enable the driver to improve their driving style in real time. It acts as a fully-fledged, cost-efficient, on-board driving instructor.
The system processes the data acquired and provides two types of feedback in order to improve driving style: an assessment of actual driving style, displayed on the screen with a clear and intuitive graphic, and suggestions for reducing fuel consumption. This system helps to achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption, generating 5% savings for expert drivers and up to 12% for drivers with less road experience.

DSE is being offered in conjunction with Driver Attention Support (DAS), which constantly monitors the driver's level of awareness. It processes the movements of the steering wheel, and if it detects distraction from the road, it alerts the driver with an audible and visual signal.
With regards to maintenance costs, the replacement interval for the particulate filter (DPF) has been extended from 450,000 to 600,000 kilometres for Cursor 11 and 13 engines, making Iveco Best-in-Class.
In addition to driving style, the vehicle’s innovations can generate average total operating cost savings of € 4,500 over three years, based on an average annual mileage of 150,000 km.

A further novelty on the stand is about the new MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ tires, allowing up to 3% fuel efficiency in the typical long haulage mission. This result is due to leading-edge technologies about tire architecture, compounds and tread pattern, delivering minimum rolling resistance without any comprise on other performances. These new tires will be commercially available as original equipment from 2015 with the first double-A labelling in fuel consumption for trucks.

The heavy range vehicles showcased on the Iveco stand include the Stralis Hi-Way AS440S48T/P with Efficiency Package and the Stralis Hi-Way AS260S42Y/FS.  The offering also comprises a Stralis Hi-Road LNG AT440S34T/P model and a Stralis Hi-Road Super Light AT440S40T/P.

Iveco presents the Eurocargo Euro VI: a medium range vehicle with numerous achievements, reinforced by reliability and flexibility, making it a multi-purpose vehicle that can be adapted for every mission type. Europe’s favourite “medium range”, a veritable icon in its segment for its versatility, sets another record today by combining the cutting-edge innovation with superior power and optimised fuel efficiency through the exclusive HI-SCR technology.
The new Tector 5 and 7 Euro VI engines are the only ones in this segment to offer HI-eSCR technology thereby positioning themselves at the top of their category, supplying elevated and consistent performance. The new range includes three new Tector 5 models – with 160, 190 and 210 HP – and four Tector 7 models, with 220, 250, 280 and 320 HP. The displacement of the Tector 5 and Tector 7, four and six cylinders respectively, has been increased to obtain optimal versatility for various applications.  The engine power of the Tector 5, with a displacement of 4.5 litres, has been increased by 13%, permitting the vehicle to reach 210 HP. The performance of the Tector 7 engine, with a 6.7 litre capacity, has also been improved with variants up to 320 HP thanks to a 7% increase in power.
The introduction of these innovative new features has had a positive effect on the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership - the cost of managing the vehicle), Iveco's real “focus” when designing all the vehicles in the range. For the average vehicle carrying out varied missions which will alternate between urban, inter-urban and motorway travel, the efficiency of the HI-SCR system allows drivers to maintain unchanged the equivalent consumption (diesel + Urea).  The HI-SCR system technology provides improved performance on inter-urban missions, with a 2% reduction in fuel consumption. Furthermore, across all missions, the upgrading from the 6 cylinder 220 HP Euro V to the new 210 HP 4 cylinder Euro VI brings a reduction in fuel consumption equivalent to 4.5%.

Eurocargo is the medium-weight vehicle suitable for all applications, thanks to the unrivalled range of engine powers, wheelbases, capacities, transmissions and suspensions available.  The flexibility of the Eurocargo is undisputed and it is a model that continues to be a point of reference for competitors. The vehicle is able to carry out all of the principal missions in its category: from distribution to the transport of refrigerated goods, from construction to municipal services; as well as being a specialist for meeting the demands of the market: from fire protection to waste collection and the transport of people.
The model on display at the Hanover trade show is a Eurocargo 4x4, model ML150E28 WS.

IAA Hanover 2014