The New Daily: heir to a long tradition, but completely revamped

In the wake of its international launch, Iveco plans to unveil the New Daily 2014 at Hanover as the shining star of the company stand. The New Daily, the third generation in the evolution of the vehicle, is the result of a perfect balance between tradition and innovation: a fully-fledged generational leap that is an important milestone for Iveco.

Two vehicles in one for the best-ever Daily, a perfect balance between its extraordinary heritage - here not only preserved but also enhanced - and the push for innovation: The working companion of choice for transport professionals, the new vehicle is presented as being convenient and practical to use as a light van, whilst continuing to offer the maximum reliability, efficiency and versatility that have always made the Daily a reference point for the sector. 80% of the components have been completely redesigned, but the New Daily keeps its classic chassis structure; an integral part of its DNA, ensuring strength, versatility and durability over time, as well as greater bodybuilder flexibility for chassis cab versions.

Planning efforts have been focused on both versions, chassis cab and van, with an ambitious goal: to consolidate the vehicle's status as leader in both sectors, with a view to achieving improvements in fuel consumption, ergonomics, ride comfort, handling and manoeuvrability.  This gave rise to two new vehicles in one, a revamped Daily chassis cab and a Daily van. For the van, the primary goals were to improve handling performance and load carrying capacity, thanks to optimised load space volumes and ease of use, with a more accessible loading platform.

The capacity of the van has been greatly improved by redefining the ratio between wheelbase, overall length and loading length: these new benchmarks for volume are making their début on the international market, with models in 18 and 20 m3 sizes, along with the 10.8 m3 version - best in class for loading efficiency, an index which measures the ratio between the length of the load compartment and the total length of the vehicle.

This new architecture, with elongated wheelbase and reduced rear overhang, ensures that the New Daily offers excellent driveability without compromising on the vehicle's superior agility in tight spaces. The new Quad-Leaf front suspension, standard on all models up to 3.5 tonnes, constitutes the excellent blend between the two previous single- and twin-wheel versions, guaranteeing increased load carrying capacity of the first and ground clearance and maximum allowed payload on axles of the latter. For single wheel models, the rear suspension has also been re-designed, with two important results: a decrease in the height of the load platform by approximately 55 millimetres to facilitate vehicle loading and unloading, and a reduction of oversteer in load transfers when cornering. The combination of the new front and rear suspension systems, and the new longer wheelbases for the van produce a dynamic, category-leading performance in terms of safety and stability.

A major innovation is the new HI-MATIC 8-speed automatic transmission that establishes best-in-class standards for flexibility, efficiency and fuel economy, ensuring maximum travel comfort. HI-MATIC changes quicker and more precisely than even an expert driver, needing less than 200 milliseconds for a gear shift when greater acceleration is required. With a torque of up to 470 Nm and thanks to the electronic control of the gear changes, HI-MATIC – the first 8-speed automatic transmission to be applied to the commercial vehicle sector - is perfect for the New Daily and for its high performance engines which offer up to 205 HP .

Thanks to the availability of the 8 speeds, HI-MATIC provides a wider range compared to the traditional 6-speed transmissions, allowing for a quicker and more precise gear change. The ability to select the optimum gear for the current engine speed ensures it is always in its ideal operating range, which results in improved acceleration, maximum comfort and lower fuel consumption.  The electronic management allows the driver to select the best driving mode for the various requirements of the route. In particular, there are two settings that can be selected by the driver: Eco mode, during which smooth and low speed gear changes are carried out to emphasise comfort by reducing fuel consumption to a minimum, and Power mode, through which the transmission carries out quicker gear changes and at higher speeds, ensuring a precise engagement of the gears for enhanced driving performance.

The new automatic transmission offers the same towing strength of its mechanical counterpart which tops off at 3,500 kg, guaranteeing an optimal pick-up start, thanks to the combination with the Hill Holder system (the anti-rollback system for uphill starts), coming as standard on the New Daily. 

As consolidation of the leadership held by Daily for the market segment of GVW above 6 tonnes showcased at Hanover, Iveco has released the all-new 7.2 ton GVW version, which allows for unrivalled performance and payloads (up to 4.9 tons) in its sector.

The third generation of the Daily is also strongly focused on business needs, and allows for a significant reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous model, with a notable improvement in the total cost of ownership of the vehicle, together with best in class performance and a wide range of engines, transmissions and axle ratios.

But that is not all: the comfort of the vehicle has also been greatly improved. The driver of the New Daily can benefit from a more comfortable and quieter interior compartment that guarantees the driving position and sensations typical of a premium automobile, as well as a multitude of closed and open storage compartments. The ergonomic design of the controls is at the top of its category, the sound insulation has been improved, the air conditioning system is more efficient and driving comfort is excellent in all load conditions.

Iveco has also created a new app for New Daily, available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app offers a choice of six languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Polish. Through an interactive menu, this "NEW DAILY" app allows you to discover the key innovations introduced with the new vehicle, along with all the services that Iveco offers its customers. Among the main features are the 360 ° visualisation of the interior and exterior, the product configurator, and the "X-ray" view setting for the most advanced technical features.

The area also features a wall display that showcases the complete range of new accessories dedicated to the New Daily, a comprehensive offering that not only meets the needs of all Iveco customers, but also emphasises the aesthetics of the vehicle: from the luggage rack, which includes its own wide selection of accessories, suitable for all configurations and wheelbases, to the complete protection system focused on increasing the active and passive safety of both vehicles and pedestrians in case of a crash; and also including the spoilers: characterised by a tough design and made from an innovative material, these easily fitted to the vehicle's roof.


IAA Hanover 2014