The off-road expo area: Trakker and 560 hp Euro VI Astra H9

The stars of the off-road expo area are the Trakker 8x4 and the Trakker which took part in the latest edition of the Dakar rally. Iveco's quarry and construction site vehicle can operate on impracticable, uneven terrain, withstanding constant stress and offering incredible performance. Iveco has created the perfect vehicle for heavy work in terms of productivity for the customer, with superior design, robustness and functionality.

Trakker's characteristics, both sturdy and versatile at the same time, as well as the many customisation options, make it possible to configure a vehicle able to satisfy any transport and construction need.
The Trakker features ZF gearboxes which embody both ergonomics and performance. These include the Ecosplit 9- and 16-speed manual gearboxes, both equipped with a "servo-shift" servo-assist system which offers a more comfortable and safer driving experience, and the Eurotronic 12- and 16-speed automatic gearboxes, with gear selector built into the steering column switch, which improves driver comfort.

The Trakker comes with the reliability of the Cursor powertrains which guarantee power and durability in the long run; and are designed to ensure excellent performance, contained TCO and superior driver comfort.
The Trakker showcased at Hanover is the new AD 340T40B model, equipped with the Cursor 9 400 hp engine with VGT. This all-new model affords performances comparable to that of a vehicle equipped with a Cursor 13 410 hp engine, whilst reducing vehicle mass by 250 kg with the same configuration. This solution is particularly suitable for the transport of concrete, when the useful load of the vehicle is essential for the productivity of the construction industry.

The off-road offering in Hanover continues with the Astra brand, which is exhibiting the new HD9 Euro VI equipped with the 560 hp Cursor 13 engine. The model on display is a HD9 8x4 84.56.
Robust, versatile and simple: this is how we can sum up the character of one of the most specialised ranges of off-road vehicles designed for heavy duty work in the oil, mining, quarry and exceptional loads sectors. This is a vehicle with an original and resolute design that, thanks to its excellent performances in terms of engine power and maximum torque and the renowned structural robustness of the chassis, make Astra the ideal partner for those who demand the most under any operating conditions.

The entire kinematic chain is designed to handle the most challenging missions: the 560 HP, Cursor 13 Euro VI engine, with state-of-the-art HI-SCR system, achieves a maximum torque of 2500 Nm. Moreover, the action of the variable geometry turbine (VGT), that allows high torque values to be maintained for a wide range of engine speeds, helps increase the performances of the engine itself providing punch and pick-up under any conditions.

The real strong point of the Astra vehicles is its chassis, built out of special steel with the highest level of resistance and high elasticity, thanks to the two flat beams running parallel to each other for the entire length with a C section (320 x 90 x 10mm) and joined to each other by crosspieces. With the highest Rail Bending Moment (R.B.M.) compared to competitors' vehicles, Astra's chassis is renowned for its ability to transport heavy loads on any terrain conditions, reducing torsion stress and ensuring great stability even with very high centres of gravity.
The simple structure of the vehicle, both electrical and mechanical, permits the assembly of the most demanding outfittings and facilitates maintenance work under any conditions and in any place. 

IAA Hanover 2014