The Stralis Hi-Way: efficient on the road and quarry too

Following the main players in the field of construction, Iveco is also displaying the heavy range Stralis Hi-Way at Bauma, a vehicle which can be specially equipped for use on worksites. The model on display is a Stralis Hi-Way AS260S46Y/PS equipped with a Euro VI engine and a hooklift hoist body.

This vehicle was recognised as Truck of the Year 2013 at the International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) last September in Hanover and represents the latest generation in Iveco heavy-duty road vehicles.

The Stralis Hi-Way combines high performance and quality with a range of integrated services that include programmed assistance, fleet management and driver training for cost-efficient operation. The renewed, Hi-Way cab (2,500 mm) is designed around the driver to offer enhanced ergonomics, comfort, safety and infotainment services. The cab is intended for long-haul missions and can accommodate single or two-man crews.

Thanks to the innovative new HI-eSCR engine technology, patented by FPT Industrial, the Stralis Hi-Way is the only heavy-duty vehicle on the market to meet Euro VI standards without the use of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). HI-eSCR offers other advantages such as weight reduction, lower fuel consumption and longevity due to less complex and more efficient technology.

The advanced characteristics and technologies present in the Stralis Hi-Way contribute to its low Total Cost of Ownership. A 4% reduction is guaranteed for international missions carried out with a tractor unit for an average of 130,000 kilometres a year and a holding period of 48 months.