The New Trakker: the off-road solution for all terrain types

At the centre of the stand is the heavy-duty New Trakker, Iveco’s signature off-road work vehicle. The model exhibited is the AT400T45 WT version.

The New Trakker is built to withstand obstacles present in off-road situations, operating in all climate conditions and challenging terrain types, while offering the comfort of a road vehicle, even for off-road missions.

The FPT Industrial Cursor engines (8 or 13 Euro V) deliver high torque and resistance to the New Trakker, allowing it to face demands year-round.

Its primary characteristic is its robustness: every single component starting from the steel chassis guarantees long-lasting performance. Comfort-wise, the New Trakker features ZF gearboxes available for both manual and automatic transmissions. The manual 9-speed and 16-speed Ecosplit gearboxes are equipped with a servo-shift system for safer and more comfortable driving. The Eurotronic automatic 12-speed and 16-speed gearboxes feature a gear selector built into the steering column stalk.

The vehicle is enhanced by a renewed cab with superior ergonomics, built¬in telematics and dashboard controls that are within easy view and access. The Hi-Land version features a short cabin with a normal roof, while the Hi-Track features a longer cabin that can be fitted with either a normal roof or a high roof if required for overnight use. The cab’s redesigned dashboard is made with dyed and coated scratch-resistant plastic. Controls and switches are abrasion-resistant, highly visible and within easy reach for the driver.

The New Trakker recently proved its strength and resistance throughout the course of the Dakar 2013 rally. The vehicle proved pivotal for Team Petronas De Rooy Iveco who placed positively winning the fourth, ninth and thirteenth spots in the overall truck rankings.

The extremely challenging race faced in South America demonstrates the vehicle’s ability to react to and tackle a route rife with obstacles such as desert, rock, sand dunes and often dangerous weather conditions. The rally therefore represented a valuable opportunity for Iveco to test its products in action, in extreme conditions, across three large South American countries: the results which followed confirm the excellent reliability of Iveco vehicles as well as their strength and efficiency.