Eurocargo: perfect for any challenge

The versatile, medium range Eurocargo is presented at Bauma as a MLC 80E18K version with a tipper body and crane. Recognised for its adaptability to different work environments and multiple assembly combinations, Iveco offers customers in the construction and mining sector an ample set of choices to tailor the Eurocargo according to their requirements.

The Eurocargo chassis can be fitted with a range of bodies depending on size from isothermal trucks to three-sided tippers, cisterns, loading and aerial platforms, as well as small concrete mixers and road sweepers. Vehicle options include: the choice of suspensions, axles and final drive ratios that are most suited to the specific mission; 14 variants in gross vehicle weight (from 6 to 19 tonnes); seven horsepower categories (from 140 to 300 HP); 13 gears (seven manual, three automated and three automatic), 4x2 and 4x4 drive and 15 wheel bases (from 2,790 to 6,570 mm).

The Eurocargo’s flexibility and robust structure is enhanced by the Tector engine range which is noted for its elasticity as well as its high and constant torque values that offer a wide range of revolutions to guarantee smooth driving, fewer gear shifts, less engine wear and greater energy efficiency. All Eurocargo engines are EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicles) approved.