The reasons

The Daily City Truck presented at Jerez in 1999 was a completely new vehicle and was offered in a range divided into three classes:
• S Class and L Class for single rear wheel categories and light missions
• C Class for the traditional twin rear wheel category.

In 2002, the Daily confirmed its technological excellence in the light commercial vehicle industry with the introduction of the .10 and .12 models. With the revolutionary 2.3 HPI engine, the Daily set new standards in operating costs (fuel consumption and maintenance costs), reduced emissions and noise and significantly improved driver comfort.
For the first time in the light commercial vehicle category, Iveco introduced a 16 valve, second generation Common rail injection diesel engine.

Today Iveco continues the strategy initiated with the launch of the Daily 2.3 HPI and sets the standards for commercial success in terms of:
• Product range
• Product quality
• Premium price
• A motivated and ambitious distribution network
• Specialised, professional dealers

Product range and quality
The product range is, perhaps, the primary critical factor for success: it must adapt continuously to respond to the changing demands of the customer. Iveco listens to what its customers have to say in order to update its range to meet the needs of those who work with the Daily every day. Today the Daily focuses on three important issues:
• Vehicle productivity
• Comfort
• Safety

The new .14 and .17 models confirm the Daily’s dominance in the 3.5 Tonne GWV twin rear wheel vehicle category and make it even more competitive in high load or high volume missions. These two new models provide a comprehensive response to the three topics defined by our clients. 


Reduced fuel consumption

Extended maintenance intervals

Rapid maintenance times

High cruising speed


Flexible power delivery

Less noise


Overtaking ability is an important factor in active safety.


The new Daily AGile version significantly expands our offer to cater for specific missions such as campers, ambulances, door to door delivery, minibuses, hotel shuttles. The Daily AGile satisfies the demands of our clients.


Reduced fuel consumption

Extended powertrain life


Less stress, less fatigue


A more comfortable driver can concentrate better on the road.

ESP has been developed in the automotive industry and its effectiveness is proven. Iveco has decided to extend its use into commercial vehicles. ESP means that the Daily can, right across its range GVW to 3,5t, respond to the increasing demand for safety expressed by our clients.

A motivated and ambitious distribution network.
The relationship of collaboration with its Distribution Partner Network is fundamental for both Iveco and the Daily. A motivated and ambitious network can amplify Iveco’s efforts in product development and convey to the end customer the excellent content and values of the Daily.
This is why the relationship with its Network is a key element in commercial strategy for Iveco and the Daily.

Specialised, professional dealers.
Daily dealers, unlike the majority of their competitors, which come from an automotive background, work in constant contact with transport specialists and therefore thoroughly understand their demands and needs.
Today this is an advantage that contributes significantly to the Daily’s success, and is destined to become an even more important factor in future.
The already significant investments in training have been extended:
• to cultivate an awareness of the customer and the ability to understand effective customer needs;
• to develop an even more thorough understanding of the product and the ability to advise and propose;
• to ensure that their success and Iveco’s success will be increasingly correlated to the customer’s success.