New features in brief

The new .14(HPI) and .17(HPT) models

A new engine

This engine is a 3.0 litre destined for models with more demanding missions and working with larger loads:
chassis/cabs and panel vans with twin wheels
• GVW from 3.5 to 6.5 tonnes.
This powerful, versatile engine is built to tackle all possible working conditions effortlessly and safely, with generous reserves of torque available at all times.
Common rail direct injection, capable of injection pressures of up to 1800 bar, together with double overhead camshafts and 4 valves per cylinder, offer the best performance and fuel efficiency possible.
The engine is available in two versions: 
3.0 HPT for the .17 model, with variable geometry turbocharger, producing a power output of 166 HP and 380 Nm of maximum torque.
 3.0 HPI for the .14 model with turbocharger and wastegate, producing 136 HP of power and a maximum torque of 340 Nm.

As part of Iveco’s ongoing programme of development and commitment to the environment, from the 1st quarter of 2005 the .14 model will also be available as a Euro 4 compliant version, meeting standards that will come into effect in the 4th quarter of 2006.
Revised gearbox

To make the most of all this power and torque, a new 6 speed gearbox with overdrive top gear has been developed, to permit motorway cruising at low engine speeds.
Gear selection has been made easier than ever before with a new synchromesh mechanism.
Comfort and driving pleasure
With its great flexibility, the new engine makes driving more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before, by cutting down the number of gear changes you need to make: this is because maximum torque is already available at 1,250 rpm, and remains constant up to 3,070 rpm.

Comfort levels have been increased by a remarkable reduction in cab noise: compared with the previous .13 and .15 versions the new.14 and .17 versions generate less than half the noise when at top speed and, incredibly, only a third of the noise when idling.
This also means that you can speak and be heard much more easily without having to raise your voice: on average, over a range of different operating conditions, the articulation index increases by 30%

The new Daily AGile version

The Daily AGile version has been included in the Daily range with a 6 speed automatic transmission, offering the choice between completely automatic mode and manual, sequential gear selection using a lever on the dash. This is an intelligent system and the transmission adapts automatically to the driving style.
This version will be available from the start of 2005, with the 96 and 116 HP 2.3 litre engines. During 2005, the transmission will also be offered on 136 and 166 HP models.
ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
Starting from January 2005, vans with a GVW up to 3.5 tonnes will also be available with ESP in conjunction with ABS 8, to control vehicle stability and keep the vehicle on the road, ensuring maximum safety in all conditions.
The system also incorporates a Hill Holder function to make hill starts simpler.

New front and new colours

The styling has also been revised to emphasise elegance and modernity.
The new grille has been redesigned using the same styling cues used with the STRALIS, integrating the Daily into the Iveco family feeling and accentuating its strong character.
The range of colours has been extended with new, more up to date shades.