Passenger transport, the Daily's natural vocation

Passenger transport is one of the Daily’s principal missions: the first Iveco minibus based on the Daily was built in 1978.
Since then, the Daily has established itself throughout the world and continues to earn new accolades, as both a complete vehicle and as a base for outfitting by coachbuilders.
Two types are available:
• Daily Combi, with single rear wheels (L and S classes) 
New for 2005: the new automatic transmission 
• Daily Minibus, with twin rear wheels (C class).
• Manufactured by Iveco on the base of their 4500 and 5600 Kg window van and 5600 and 7000 Kg panel van, they are then customised and marketed by Irisbus.
New for 2004: the new 3.0 available as HPI and HPT versions.

The secrets of its success.

• Above all, the Daily is a successful passenger transport vehicle because:
• It is agile, easy and safe to drive
• It offers levels of comfort comparable to a full scale touring
• bus
• It offers an excellent quality/price ratio
• Its dimensions and load capacity make it easily adaptable to a bus configuration:
• with a width of 2 metres, there is enough space to accommodate a row of double seats on the left, a row of single seats on the right and a generous aisle in the centre;
• with custom built bodywork by coachbuilders based on the panel version, there is enough space inside to accommodate two rows of double seats and a central aisle.
• total length ranging from 5.40 to 7.70 metres
• internal standing room in the standard minibus version exceeding two metres.
• wheelbase from 3,000 to 4,750 mm.
• GVWs up to 7,000 Kg, permitting large baggage compartments and the installation of electric elevator platforms for the disabled.
These characteristics permit configurations with seating for 9 to 28 passengers plus the driver.

• It is also available in ecological natural gas powered versions for municipalities, historical town centres and nature reserves. With methane gas as a fuel, the vehicle achieves emissions levels even lower than future EC Euro 5 standards.
• The range offers a wide and flexible variety of original factory specification window vans, which can be converted to buses without having to cut the bodywork and therefore without compromising the original anti-corrosion treatment (cataphoresis).

In addition, the following is also available:
• Four different types of electric door.
• A variety of different glazing solutions, from standard windows mounted on rubber seals to darkened glass glued into the frame, all also available as double glazing (as an option).
• Flexibility to personalise everything from colours to interior trim.

The comfort of a full scale touring bus

For the driver:
• Door remote control
• Split zone air conditioning
• Super comfortable ergonomic seat
• Electric descent brake (optional)
• Parking sensors.
For the passengers:
• Air conditioning with individual air vents
• Individual courtesy lights
• Audiovisual features, TV, radio with individual headphone outlets
• Comfortable, ergonomic seats suited to each specific vocation, from short commuting routes to longer touring itineraries
• Generous space between seats, large windows as standard and internal standing room of 2 metres, leaving plenty of space for overhead hand baggage compartments
• Rear air suspension to soak up vibrations and bumps in the road.

Highly customisable

• A wide variety of air conditioning and climate control configurations for the driver and the passengers
• Luxury or ergonomic seats (such as on the school bus) available with personalised upholstery if requested
• Compatibility for a luggage trailer.
• Rear ski rack
• Rear hatch with pantograph hinges and large upper glazed area
• A comprehensive range of optional extras: luxury interior trim, hands-free telephone system, GPS, on-board sound system, TV screen with electric motor, individual TV screens and headphone outlets, route boards, refrigerator, and much more.

Versions for the disabled

A wide variety of solutions available including special platforms and rails.

• Driver airbag
• Disc brakes, ABS + ABD/EDB, rear air suspension and electric brake (optional).
• Rapid response from the factory which can deliver large numbers of vehicles at short notice
• Excellent after-sales support and replacement parts service, with a widespread support network and numerous dedicated Cronoservice centres providing priority service for the Daily.