Urbanway, the all new citybus

Powerful, versatile, efficient and attractive, the new Urbanway bus had its unveiling earlier this year at the UITP Congress in Geneva, equipped with a transversal Cursor 9 engine. It is introduced at Busworld with a new Tector 7 longitudinal engine to better respond to a wider variety of transit network operating conditions.

With the Tector 7, 286 HP engine, the Urbanway boasts a weight reduction that is over 800 kilograms lighter than its predecessor (the 12 m Citelis with a Cursor 8 engine, 290 HP) thereby offering a 10% increase in passenger capacity and benefitting operator profitability.

A “lounge bus in the city”, with a vast series of configurations, the Urbanway reflects the efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solutions that Iveco Bus offers the European transport sector.

The vehicle‟s fully reconceived structure combines superior resistance and weight reduction. The entire steel structure benefits from an integral cataphoretic treatment which protects against corrosion. This treatment is used for all of the vehicles in the Iveco Bus range.

The Urbanway pairs advanced technology with a new design that emphasizes luminosity, safety and flexibility to facilitate the vehicle‟s daily operations.

Its new style is reinforced by new headlamps that integrate a series of LED daytime running lamps (DRL) and a new rear lighting module featuring integral LED devices with brake, indicator, taillight and reverse. These distinctive new elements are elegantly integrated within the vehicle body to reflect the new Iveco Bus style which is now extended to the entire range of Euro VI buses and coaches.

Within its interior, the Urbanway is furnished with refined details dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for passengers with a series of elements. The finishing touches to the interior present a totally new concept in terms of lightness and performance. The new interior lighting features two continuous LED bands that can be customized with several options: indirect ambient lighting with two bands and LED spotlights built into the top of the column support. The door areas also benefit from LED spotlights.

The new position of the middle door is shifted further to the rear to guarantee increased productivity (1.5 square meters more standing space for passengers) and a wide central platform allows for twin wheelchair installation.

The new range of passenger seating is characterized for its weight saving, modularity and easy maintenance features.

The new air diffusion system with roof integration features dedicated air ducts for heating and air conditioning and “air curtains” on all the doors. Interior silence is ensured by a strong bracket mounting that is independent from the panels. The result is a dramatically improved air flow in a silent cabin with no compromise on comfort.

The all new driver‟s area of the Urbanway is developed according to the latest EBSF (European Bus System of the Future) guidelines, under the aegis of UITP, providing the very best in ergonomics, room and comfort. As a result, the Urbanway has all of the features to be qualified as best-in-class. The elevated driving position offers excellent road visibility and stress-free driving, while also providing the driver with greater protection from potential frontal collisions.

Accessibility to the driver‟s area is improved thanks to the access step, which has been reformatted into a large square shape with 25% increased area compared to the previous range. Once seated, the driver benefits from many changes that improve comfort and ergonomics such as enlarged space around the hips and knees, together with a rotatable seat; a suspended accelerator pedal; the position of the parking brake and easily reachable DIN slots.

The Urbanway is available in a variety of versions from 10.5, 12 and 18 meter-lengths and can be equipped with two, three or four doors. The Euro VI chassis versions of the Urbanway are also available for bodybuilder adaptations. As a BHNS (Bus à Haut Niveau de Service, the French standard for high level collective passenger vehicles models), the Urbanway accommodates a wide range of configurations from basic to premium with over 3,500 styling combinations from extended side windows to roof streamlining, custom seating and trims.

Iveco Bus confirms its commitment to sustainable mobility by offering the possibility to equip the Urbanway with an alternative Compressed Natural Gas driveline via the Cursor 8 CNG engine. This Euro VI approved engine allows operators to continue to expand their fleet of CNG buses with the same technology as Euro V / EEV vehicles.

The Diesel-electric Hybrid version of the Urbanway will also be equipped with Euro VI technology, enhancing it with new features such as “Arrive & Go”, which ensures an “all-electric” approach and departure from bus stops without the presence of noise and gas emissions.

These improvements confirm the position of Iveco Bus as a Hybrid leader in reducing greenhouse gases and providing „citizen friendly‟ transport.