Magelys, unique design, elevated comfort

​The Magelys Euro VI confirms its identity as the brand‟s flagship vehicle in the tourism segment, offering passengers an enhanced perspective on the surrounding landscapes of the sights and cities the vehicle passes through. The coach‟s stylish and dynamic design is a welcome invitation to travel with its spacious, on-board comforts and attractive panoramic views, which are particularly offered by the special roof-side windows.

As is the case with the Urbanway and Crossway models, the Magelys also benefits from the integration of a series of LED daytime running lights (DRL) with new rear lights and a new rear lighting module with integrated LED.

Great attention has been dedicated to the optimization of Total Cost of Ownership thanks to the integration of standardized components.

Equipped with a Cursor 9 Euro VI engine, the Magelys has been specially adapted to meet the needs of each specific customer with the choice of rear axle ratios that are best suited for the required mission types.

The Magelys Euro VI range demonstrates its versatility with two versions:

- Line, satisfies the requirements for average travel distances;
- Pro, perfectly responds to the requirements of national and international route operations, providing a high level of service and freedom that unites accessibility with high comfort.

With specific regard to the French market, the Pro version fulfills the mobility requirements outlined by the “Car à Haut Niveau de Service” standard. This standard calls for a high operating speed, closely spaced frequencies and a high level of on-board service, all within a context that controls the vehicle‟s overall operating costs.

Moreover, the Magelys also offers easy access features such as a lifting platform for passengers with limited mobility as well as high-tech extras that include a Wi-Fi connection, several 220 V electrical and USB outlets for every type of digital device and three LCD monitors that make the Magelys a tailored vehicle for each passenger and journey.

Thanks to the close business relationship between Iveco and C&G-Kiel Italia, in cooperation with Franz Kiel Group, Iveco Bus introduces the new

"Cinema Seat System (CSS) with Flex-Action". This clever feature is recognized to compact the seats into harmless position, which is suitable to accommodate wheelchairs or other bus accessories like, but not limited to, professional desk. The CSS with Flex-Action system has been designed to allow an easy customer handling through a quick, natural and effortless gesture.

Iveco Bus consistently exceeds the safety requirements set out by regulatory standards. As a result of this approach, the Magelys has all of the required active and passive safety systems as standard, in addition to optional features.

The Magelys is equipped with the following as standard: the ABS, Anti-Lock Braking System, an anti-slip ASR system that optimizes traction and grip when accelerating, the EBS, Electronic Braking System, which reduces braking distances and ensures a significant improvement in stability and the ESP, Electronic Stability Program, which corrects the vehicle‟s stability by detecting and reducing loss of vehicle control.

The Magelys can also be equipped with the following optional features: the ACC, Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses radar technology to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front and automatically engage the engine brake and retarder in the event that there is a sudden decrease in that distance; and the LDWS, Lane Warning Departure System, which uses a sensor to detect if the vehicle is involuntarily leaving the lane and activate a vibrating system installed into the driver‟s seat which alerts them. This system is a valuable resource to the driver as it prevents loss of attention and driver drowsiness.