Crossway, 13 meters, 63 seats

An undisputed leader in its category in Europe, adopted for the most important European transport operators, the Crossway Euro VI now features new optimized lengths.

The Crossway range offers flexible urban transport solutions for different excursion missions from intercity use to city and scholastic transportation. The vehicle demonstrates its versatility with three different lengths (10.8 m, 12 m and 13 m) and five versions:

- LE (Low Entry), a homologated version for both bus and coach

- Pop, principally designed for school travel missions. This version of the Crossway is 13 m in length with an innovative seating concept with a capacity for 63 passengers. These characteristics make it the only vehicle on the market to not exceed 13 m and offer 63 seats while retaining its agility and maneuverability.

- Line, a version which satisfies the requirements of intercity and short distance transport.

- HV (High Value), a version appointed with high level features that enhance passenger comfort

- Pro, the perfect answer for missions that require a mix between an intercity bus and a tourism coach. This version combines accessibility with enhanced comfort.

A veritable „money maker‟ for its versatility and operating profitability, the Crossway Euro VI further reinforces its leadership in overall accessibility, comfort and maneuverability. The transition to Euro VI has also permitted for significantly improved on-board comfort by reducing interior noise by more than half.

The driver‟s area of the Crossway Euro VI is already recognized as the “best ergonomic space dedicated to the driver‟” by operators. It has been improved through a 10-centimeter lengthening: the result of an increase in the front overhang. The ergonomics of the driver‟s area have also been developed with a new dashboard and a 65-degree turning driver‟s seat.