Trakker: the off-road professional

At the pinnacle of Iveco’s on–off highway offer is Trakker.
An exceptionally robust chassis available in tractor and
rigid chassis, which also forms the base of Iveco’s offer in
the field of indivisible load transport with gross train mass
capability up to 300t. The range comprises 2 axle chassis
with either 2 or 4 wheel drive, 3 axle chassis with either
4 or 6 wheel drive and 4 axle chassis with either 4 or 8
wheel drive. These absolutely go–anywhere vehicles may
be specified with either the Cursor 8 or Cursor 13 engine
up to 500 cv (412 kW), again available as EEV, and coupled
to either a 16 speed manual or the 12 speed Eurotronic
automated transmission. With the Cursor 13 engine, the
16 speed Eurotronic transmission is available, calibrated
specifically for off-road applications. Tandem drive axles
are available as hub reduction form, for excellent off highway
performance or, for specific applications, as single reduction
form for high economy on highway applications.
At Bauma 2010 is the AT400T45 WT/P 4x4 tractor with
pneumatic rear suspension and the Cursor 13 450 cv engine
with 16 speed Eurotronic automated transmission
with drive line retarder and off-road mode ABS/ASR. In
the external exhibition space is the light weight concrete
mixer unit, AD340T41B/P 8x4 chassis featuring single reductiondrive bogie with pneumatic rear suspension and
disc brakes all round.
Hosted on the Meiller stand is the AD190T36 W/P, the
rugged 4x4 19t truck (rated at 23t for Winterservice) fitted
with rear air suspension, able to go anywhere and to
provide protection for its payload. This vehicle is equipped
with a Meiller tipping body and HMF chassis mounted
crane for public service applications, specifically foreseen
for road Winterservice and equipped with the Meiller
Municipal Hydraulic System.