The range: the novelties

The Iveco Cursor Trakker range comprises 77 models: 60 trucks - 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and 8x8 trucks, 14 of which designed expressly to be outfitted as cement mixers, and 17 tractors - 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 tractors

The 3 and 4-axle models come in two versions. The so-called “light” versions have been optimised on the basis of the total weights of the European Highway Code, i.e. 26 tonnes for 3-axle models and 32 tonnes for 4-axle models. The “heavy” versions were studied to be used in quarries and construction sites, exploiting the maximum capacity of these vehicles: 38 tonnes for 6x4 and 6x6 versions, 41 tonnes for the 8x4. These vehicles are also destined to countries where road standards regulating overall weights are less restrictive than the European Code.

The 4x2 trucks are equipped with a 7.7 mm thick chassis (“light” family) and 240 to 440 Hp Cursor engines delivering from 240 to 440 Hp. There is a choice of four wheelbases: 3.80 m. 4.20 m, 4.50 m and 5.10 m. The 4x4 trucks are available with the same power deliveries and three wheelbases: 3.80 m, 4.20 m and 4.50 m. Air suspension is available on the rear axle. One of the applications of the 4x4 trucks is Winter road maintenance, and these vehicles are outfitted with snowploughs and salt spreaders. The capacity of the front suspension, steering and tyres is boosted to 9 and 10 tonnes.

The 6x4 trucks can be equipped with all the engine variants, right up to the 480 Hp Cursor 13, and can be fitted with air suspension on the tandem axle. In this case, and with the high roof, long cab, the Trakker becomes a formidable tractor for exceptional loads. The 6x4 is available with six wheelbases: from 3.20 + 1.38 metres to 4.80 + 1.38 metres. It is also available as a cement mixer. The chassis, which is 7.7 mm on the light version becomes 100 mm on the heavy version, with reinforced suspension attachments. In this case, the capacity of the suspension and the axles of the rear tandem is 32 tonnes and the payload is 38 tonnes. The 6x6 trucks are powered by 352 to 440 Hp engines. They have permanent 6x6 drive, with a two-ratio gear housing and torque splitter differential between the front and rear axles. The differential can be locked when grip is poor.

The range of the 8x4 trucks is similar to the 6x4 range, but because Italy permits a total weight of 40 t while the limit is 32 t in the rest of Europe, the smallest engine is the 352 Hp Cursor 8. There is a choice of four wheelbases: from 4.25 + 1.38 m to 5.82 + 1.38 m. In several European countries, 8x4 vehicles now account for most of the cement mixer market.

The 8x8 truck, originally developed for the German market, has a number of specific applications in other countries. The torque is split between the two forward axles by a locking differential on the second rear axle.

Trakker tractors are available in several configurations: 4x2, 6x4, 4x4 and 6x6. The 4x4 tractors are much in demand on the German and Spanish markets. The AD/AT440T… tractors have a GCW limit of 44 tonnes, while the AD/AT720T…, with the thicker chassis (10 mm), boast a potential GCW of 72 tonnes and when fitted with air rear suspension they make ideal tractors for exceptional loads.