The advantages of the Trakker range for customers

Increased productivity, lower running costs: this is Iveco’s contribution to the profitability of companies operating in the field of public works.

With the new Trakker range, Iveco offers its customers vehicles that are more productive, but less expensive to run. Operators specialising in construction site work and public works, who represent the clientele of the Iveco Trakker range, are subject to very tight operating schedules, and the vehicles operate in demanding conditions, and must be extremely reliable and resistant. The new Trakkers are destined to consolidate Iveco’s image as a site vehicle specialist.

Productivity is expressed directly by performance, the ability to overcome obstacles and the load transported, and indirectly by always being available, and thus reliable.
Where productivity is concerned, the Trakker has numerous strong points:
- the higher payload made possible by the Cursor 8 and 13 engines, and by the various components whose kerb weights have been optimised;
- the power and torque delivered at low engine speeds by the Cursor engines;
- the creation of specific models, such as cement mixers;
- the factory-mounted fittings and options, which allow outfitting costs and times to be cut;
- the easy to use, driver-friendly automated EuroTronic 2 gearboxes;
- increased safety on and off the road, thanks to the powerful ITB vacuum brake which is standard equipment.

- reduced mechanical stress on the transmission thanks to the Overdrive gearboxes;
- electronic management of the engine and other organs protects the entire drive line against difficult use conditions (such as over-revving);
- the structural solidity of the Cursor engines;
- the safety margin of the chassis and suspension elements.

The reduction in running costs is evident every day on the road, because fuel and oil consumption is lower, and every year in the workshop, with:
- longer engine oil and lubricant change intervals (80.000 km);
- less clutch wear because of the characteristics of the engine;
- less wear of the braking system, thanks to the standard vacuum engine brake, front disc brakes, Duo-Duplex rear drum bakes and EBL;
- the speed and quality of the diagnosis performed by the Modus and IWT systems;
- a range of after-sales services in addition to the traditional formulae (maintenance and maintenance/repairs), paying particular attention to the drive line and the brakes.