The values of the new Trakker

The new Trakker was created sharing the same values of the most famous rugby team in the world, the All Blacks, thus along the lines Iveco adopted for designing the new Stralis.
In addition to the four Iveco values – Commitment, Reliability, Performance, Team Spirit – Trakker inherits the Stralis’ product value too, Power, to reaffirm one of the strong points which distinguish the excellence of Iveco engineering solutions.

For Trakker, Power means offering the extremely modern Cursor Euro 4 and 5 SCR engines with a swept volume from 8 to 13 litres, power from 310 to 500 HP and maximum torque from 1,300 to 2,300 Nm. Efficient, reliable engines, with optimized power and torque delivery over a wide range of engine speeds to ensure maximum power availability in arduous conditions.

Trakker Commitment is the sense of responsibility for the customer’s business without forgetting the comfort and safety of he/she who spends most of his/her time in a truck. The close family relationship between Trakker and Stralis is clearly evident: highly ergonomic cabins, enhanced driver comfort comparable with road vehicles. But Stralis customers are also offered a unique design, because respecting who drives also means to offer him/her a truck in which it is nice to be seen.

For Trakker it means keeping promises: product reliability, durability and high safety standards in every situation. Reliability for Trakker means also flexibility for body builder intervention supported by a wide range of transmission, direct engine-driven expandable PTOs, easily dependable body builder electric connections, and more.

Trakker Performance is supporting the customer’s business value. It means raising productivity and reducing running costs. Trakker assets are optimised bodybuilder intervention, servicing downtime, and consumption. Trakker’s new chassis electrical system improves flexibility for body builder intervention and periodic servicing. Periodic maintenance time is minimised in order that the vehicle spends as much time as possible working hard. Always a vital consideration is fuel cost. Trakker’s Euro 4/5 Cursor engines return excellent fuel consumption. Team Spirit
It means working alongside the customer for the whole vehicle life: during the product development, through the work of 2,500 skilled designers and numerous R&D centres which involves the Customer in the design stage; during the purchase, with the support of skilled dealers and financing solutions to meet all company needs; during the vehicle operation, through the daily work of a 24/7 call centre and an efficient and widespread service network (more than 3,000 service points in over 100 countries).