Style & Technology

Comparable to features found within a “souped-up” luxury SUV or limousine, the Iveco Shop offers optional interior dressings with their own distinct mood, color scheme, materials and textures ranging from driver and passenger seat covers to pillows, blinds, mats and mattress covers designed with attractive themes such as: Luxury, Flow, Desert and Orange Racing.

The cabin interface is designed for maximum functionality and durability with high-quality, non-reflective and soft touch materials. The interface’s customization and uniform color promotes the idea of a home that unites the IVECONNECT Vehicle Control Center with the interior cabin space for a more comfortable atmosphere.

For tech enthusiasts, IVECONNECT’s state-of-the-art Video and Audio systems feature a built-in 7-inch touchscreen with radio, CD player, iPod/iPhone and mp3 compatible USB socket, a Bluetooth® connection with steering wheel mounted controls and video and audio sockets.
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