Comfort & Rest

Whether at the wheel or taking a break, the Stralis Hi-Way cabin can accommodate hundreds of personalized touches to make activities both comfortable and ergonomic.
The Hi-Comfort seats make long trips as smooth as possible. These “captain style” seats are available in leather or high strength technical fabric with the option to install an electronic control system that manages both seat heating and ventilation. The seats can also be tilted down without exiting the cabin during stops, giving the rest area and driver bunk a spacious appeal.
Moving into the “bedroom”, the Driver Bunk is 80 centimeters wide and two meters long and comes with a nine centimeter thick high density mattress that is supported on ergonomically-designed wooden slats. The back of the bunk can be reclined for relaxing and reading during stops. An additional top bunk can be installed, which is easy to open thanks to an air spring opening system. This top bunk folds into the wall thereby making the cabin all the more spacious.