Iveco Customer Service

Iveco Customer Service and its range of after sales services will be attending the show once again this year. Services include:

Easy Skite. A new advanced diagnostic instrument implementing endoscope technology for rapid and easy visual diagnostic and troubleshooting. From now on, catalysts, drive axles, steering axles, transmissions and engines no longer need to be disassembled for troubleshooting. Furthermore, the instrument can connect to the Iveco C.E.T. Technical Expert Centre in Torino in order to access the specialised technical knowledge of Iveco engineers and cut vehicle downtime to the minimum.

Equipment Catalogue. Iveco Customer Service has prepared an Iveco workshop equipment catalogue. It is available today for Italy and will soon be available for all other markets. The objective is to provide excellent after sales services also by making available specialised state-of-the-art workshop equipment. New suppliers have been chosen on the basis of reliability and technological criteria to obtain this result.

Showbook edition 2011. The 2011 edition of the accessory catalogue is available from all Iveco dealerships and workshops. It illustrates the entire range of Iveco Shop accessories developed exclusively for Iveco customers to make their vehicle unique. Showbook 2011 is a powerful sales and communications tool. It has approximately 150 pages organised in five sections: exterior accessories, interior accessories, safety, comfort and hi-tech. All products are designed to guarantee top quality levels by combining state-of-the-art design, technological innovation and safety.

Assistance Non Stop. Iveco Customer Centre personnel will be at the show to illustrate the road-side assistance services offered to Iveco customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout Europe.

Qualified Iveco Customer Service will be answering questions on services, accessories and spare parts at the stand using i-Pads and specific applications for customers. As usual, the Iveco Loft Truck Origin 100% will be parked outside to provide information on the latest sales campaigns and on the new after-market services.
Also present on the stand will be Iveco Capital, Iveco’s vehicle financing company that, for over 20 years, has been supplying a wide array of financial solutions targeted at the acquisition of new and used commercial vehicles. On the occasion of the Samoter fair, some particular financing solutions appropriate to Iveco off-road vehicles will be presented.

Of particular relevance is Iveco Capital’s SOFTLEASING, a formula that permits the creation of a flexible repayment structure that is lower during the first 12 months and a repayment period that extends up to 72 months.