The driver’s voice companion

The New Daily features IVECO Driver Pal, the pioneering vocal and digital driver companion that enables the driver to bring their digital life on board, interact with their vehicle and the driving community, and access IVECO's connected services through voice commands via Amazon Alexa.

IVECO Driver Pal offers two unique skills developed with AWS Professional Services and Alexa Auto team. The first one, MYIVECO, enables the driver to check the health status of the vehicle, set and manage the navigation system, request assistance if needed, and ask for driving style tips to save fuel and travel safely.

IVECO Driver Pal takes the Daily’s connectivity to a new height, enabling easy access to the IVECO ON connected services developed to support the customers’ business proactively and effectively.

A second unique skill, MYCOMMUNITY, puts the driver in communication with the driver community. They can exchange advice, and ask for help to avoid unplanned stops and delays with information about traffic congestion and other disruptions. Automatic translation resolves the language barrier.