Iveco at the Motor Show

The Iveco stand at the 2010 Motor Show in Hannover, covering over 2,700 m2, is inspired by the great Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci, scientist, inventor, artist and sculptor. Some of his most famous drawings are faithfully reproduced throughout the entire exhibition area and represent the origin of some of his most important inventions, many of which were later constructed during the modern era.
The Vitruvian Man is depicted at the centre of the stand. In this drawing, Leonardo wanted to show the harmonious perfection of the human body, perfectly inscribed in the two regular geometric shapes par excellence: the circle and the square.

The centrality of man is the metaphor that describes to perfection the parallelism with the Iveco strategy, which has always placed man, i.e. the customer, at the centre of all its activities: from designing the product to marketing it, from customer support to the definition of specific financial services.

The walls of the stand picture some of the machines Leonardo had conceived and built as an experiment, including the bicycle and the hang glider.  As a matter of fact, the synthesis of Leonardo's work was to manage to combine the creative genius with the possibility of transforming his inventions into concrete and available realities, and it is within this context that the idea behind both the shape and the contents of the Iveco stand in Hannover lies: “Driving Innovation to Reality”.  

The display area, where some of the most representative vehicles from the different product ranges are on show, is split into three sections which interpret our customers' main missions: urban, medium and long distance and off-road.
The first section contains vehicles intended for use in urban areas, to carry both people as well as cargo. Four different versions of the ECODAILY are on display here, including an electric zero-emission van, which is able to drive around freely in historic city centres.

One absolute novelty is the availability on all ECODAILY vehicles with Diesel engines is the Blue&Me system integrated with the Tom Tom navigator, resulting from the collaboration between Microsoft and the Fiat Group infotainment platform and the most famous satellite navigation system, affording greater comfort of use and an accurate route planning capacity.


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