Heir to the Tradition

New Eurocargo is the worthy heir to a series of commercial vehicles that have written the history of in its medium mass segment that began prior to the formation of Iveco. Starting with OM of Brescia with the Lupetto and the Leoncino and of Fiat with the 600 series, the list bears witness to all the vehicles seen over the years at work on the roads of our towns and in the countryside.
First of all the Lupetto, that in the 60s carrying goods above all in an Italy still very much an agricultural country but making strides towards industrialisation and modernity.

The Lupetto, launched in 1959 perhaps contributed to the Italian economic ‘boom’ to pass the baton, at the end of the 70s, to the Zeta range.
The innovative project of that time was the Z range launched in 1977 to meet the needs of light to medium transport with payloads from 2.5t to 6.5t. The bull nosed front of the Lupetto giving way to the ‘modern’ Zeta range.

The evolution of this segment saw the introduction of the turbocharged engine in 1987, so giving birth to the TurboZeta, whose claim to publicity fame was, “TurboZeta, the best made better”.

A few years later in 1991, EuroCargo arrived and the new vehicle represented a true revolution revising the in which medium commercial vehicles were seen. Quality, enormous levels of component standardisation making possible over 500 versions to be made applicable for every possible transport mission.

In 1992 EuroCargo won the “International Truck of the Year” award, the first in a long line of awards from the specialised commercial vehicle press.

In 2003, finally the cab restyling arrived and with it the new logo that we now know today: Eurocargo.
These then are the ancestors of the new Eurocargo, a range that has won more accolades than any other truck in history.

Eurocargo story 


Launch of Lupetto


Launch of Gamma Z


Launch of TurboZeta


Launch of Eurocargo


“International Truck of the Year”


“Road Tester Choice” in Great Britain


“Fleet Truck of the Year” in Great Britain


“Best Imported Truck” in Germany


“MidiEuro Test” for fuel economy and productivity for the 12t model


Launch of Eurocargo MY 97


“MidiEuro Test” for the 7.5t model


Launch of EuroCargo range “EL”


Launch of Eurocargo Tector


“Best Light Truck” in Great Britiain


Launch of Eurocargo MY 2003


Launch of “New Eurocargo – All Wheel Drive”


Introduction of new 140E and 160E models


Introduction of Euro IV and Euro V models


Launch of New Eurocargo