Eurocargo: what’s new?

The new Eurocargo, latest evolution of Iveco’s medium truck range, new Eurocargo, arrives to the market very much with the customer in mind. New Eurocargo continues the proven development of Iveco’s well known range of medium weight distribution vehicles, built to meet the industry’s highest operational expectations. The new Eurocargo combines the durability and the finish, that were already excellent characteristics of the previous model, with an improved driving comfort and a higher level of internal noise reduction in order to make more pleasant the working day for the person at the wheel of new Eurocargo.
The new Eurocargo shares the family relationship established by its heavy range cousins, the new Trakker and new Stralis and this is clearly evident by the external and internal cab design.

Cabin Design
The most obvious distinguishing feature of the new range is seen from the front of the vehicle: new Eurocargo has a typical design, developed by Iveco Style Centre in compliance with the needs pointed out by the customers, because respecting who drives also means providing him/her with a good looking truck.
Adoption of the grille and badging, already introduced on the new Stralis and new Trakker ranges, provides an improved platform for sign writing in the vehicle users livery. The self-coloured plastic bumper, which is also available in body colour looks very much the part. Also available is the one-piece steel bumper, an essential cost saving aspect of the Eurocargo range specifically for tipper models and other versions subject to arduous duties, is painted in a darker grey colour to match the self-coloured plastic parts.
On both sides of the MLL sleeper cab are the large capacity tool storage lockers. External access is by electrically operated door locks with internal access beneath the driver’s rest bunk.
Internally, all is new. The new dashboard comprises a centrally mounted switch console also housing the Iveco satellite navigator, when specified, guaranteeing ergonomic comfort thanks to the further enriched and functional instrumentation. Improved positioning of the most frequently used push-button switches is new as are the new large air outlet ports.
The central control module is new with the parking brake control more readily reached and provides provision for differential lock controls and the 24/12v power convertor when specified. Steering column stalks incorporate optimised switching achieving all functions including automated manual gear shifting and cruise control functions when specified, with just two stalks.
The steering wheel is slightly larger at 470mm in diameter than that used previously, is fully adjustable and carries the Iveco brand name in sparkling grey lettering. The new instrument cluster provides stop light bulb failure indication in addition to those functions previously applicable and now bears the Iveco logo at start-up.
New door panels incorporate an improved arm rest, increased capacity door pockets, heated and electrically adjustable mirror controls, where specified, and the controls for the standard specification electrically operated door windows so further enhancing an ideal working environment for the driver.
All new ergonomic seating, with material in cotton and micro fibre promises enhanced driver comfort. Drivers seat and the single passenger seat, where specified, incorporate integral inertia reel seat belts and head restraints and are available with optional pneumatic suspension. As a new safety feature, a driver’s seat belt warning system is included in which a persistent audible warning sounds when the vehicle moves off and the driver’s seat belt is not fastened.
A dual passenger bench seat is base level offering with MLC and MLD cabs available with a choice of vinyl or fabric covering. Fabric covering is new in a dark grey colour with a light grey tattoo pattern, reflecting the Iveco All Blacks patronage, to the seat edges and side boxing. The seat base houses the external tool locker door electrical switching applicable to MLL cabbed vehicles on both driver and passenger sides, and the Tipper Body Control switches, where specified, on MLC cabbed vehicles.
Door and ignition keys for new Eurocargo are of the desmodromic type providing for increased key strength and added vehicle security. Optionally available is remote central locking and also engine immobilizer incorporated into the ignition key fob.

Robustness and versatility for the Body Builder
Already at its launch in 1991, Eurocargo became the reference point for the durability and the versatility of its chassis frame. New Eurocargo inherits these characteristics boasting its parallel side member structure in high strength steel that is completely free of an above frame intrusion allowing body mounting from 3845mm to 10070mm in length on factory finished chassis variants.
The new Eurocargo is built by Iveco as a chassis cab and every vehicle built will require the intervention of a body builder to provide load carrying bodywork personalised to the end users specific transport needs. In order that this third party intervention can be made as speedily as possible without compromising factory build quality, Eurocargo provides significant body builder facilities, starting with a full range of ZF and Hydrocar PTOs for all transmission applications and the Iveco Multipower direct engine PTO for 280 hp and 300 hp engined versions. PTOs are electrically activated and control is managed by the cruise control and the expansion module, providing communication with the vehicle CAN bus in order that PTO operation can be matched specifically to the customers’ requirements.
Body Builder electrical connections are provided allowing up to 3 PTO operation modes and electrical connections providing a variety of logic signals applicable to different operating modes of the vehicle’s systems.