Iveco strategy

Light commercial range: the Daily

Conformity with future Euro 4 standards requires a considerable reduction in NOx and particulate
emission levels.
The Iveco Daily is already able to meet these environmental requirements, satisfying the regulations
which will soon be introduced.
In fact, the Iveco Daily offers a specific version, different from the Euro 3, incorporating EGR (Exhaust
Gas Recirculation) technology together with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) fitted on diesel engines.
EGR technology reduces NOx emissions by lowering the combustion temperature thanks to recirculation of a controlled quantity of exhaust gas that is cooled and reintroduced into the combustion chamber. The system is governed by the electronic engine control unit and uses an air flow measurer that is fitted on all speed and load ranges. Combustion temperature is lowered and formation of
NOx remains under control.
Particulate is cut down to minimum levels thanks to treatment of the exhaust gas by the DPF, a selfregenerating
type of particulate capturer.
Highly optimised combustion combined with multiple timing and high pressure injection mean a
considerable saving in fuel while also achieving environmental objectives.
Medium commercial vehicle range: the Eurocargo

Iveco also chooses SCR for Eurocargo to comply with Euro 4 and Euro 5 Directives.
In the first half of 2006 Iveco will begin marketing Eurocargo Euro 4&5 versions.
All versions will be equipped with the SCR system and just like the heavy range will have an optimised tector engine, a urea tank, an AdBlue dosing system and a catalytic converter.
And so the benefits of this technological choice will become available to Eurocargo customers. In addition to a reduction in fuel consumption, customers will find maintenance intervals compared with Euro 3 remain unchanged and, above all, right from the start it will be possible to choose between
Euro 4 or Euro 5 versions.
The estimated consumption of AdBlue is about 1 litre every 20 litres of diesel fuel.
While meeting environmental standards Iveco has once again chosen the best technology from a customer standpoint.

Passenger transport: Iveco Irisbus

Irisbus, leader in the manufacture of clean vehicles
Irisbus is the leader in the entire low emissions public transport category, including natural gas powered vehicles, electric, hybrid and clean Diesel vehicles. For its Diesel buses, Irisbus has developed a new active regeneration particulate filter: the filter temperature is controlled electronically in order to ensure optimum emissions levels at all times and protect the filter from clogging and damage.