Pure Electric Traction for Commercial Vehicles

Iveco, a front runner in this kind of technology, developed and built the first electrically propelled Daily in 1986 and the range has now been extended to include vans, buses and urban buses.

ECODaily Electric is the light commercial vehicles with zero emissions, designed, manufactured, sold and serviced totally by Iveco. The asynchronous three-phase traction motor controlled by means of the DC/AC inverter serves to provide effortless driving and range extending regenerative braking. Motor power is 30kW continuous (60kW peak) for 35S models and 40kW continuous (80kW peak) for 50C models. Testament to Daily’s rugged chassis construction, all drive components and batteries are housed either in the engine compartment or within the chassis side rails, there is absolutely no compromise in load space. This is possible because ECODaily Electric is designed by Iveco, constructed by Iveco and sold by Iveco bringing further advantages regarding both planned and unplanned service – there is one supplier, one invoice, one warranty account should the need arise. At the end of the vehicle’s life, recycling is not compromised; the Zebra batteries are completely recyclable – zero emissions with positive recycling credentials.

The electrical architecture and control incorporating a dedicated electronic controller with in-vehicle communication using the CAN network has been totally developed within Iveco and is serviced directly within the Iveco network. A CAN display installed in the instrument cluster provides the driver with relevant information concerning the correct management of the vehicle such as battery state of charge, system voltage, temperature, traction current and diagnostic information in the event of a system malfunction. Power supply is by Zebra Z5 traction batteries using the proven Na/NiCl2 technology which are fully sealed and do not produce gaseous emissions, do not require maintenance and are totally recyclable. On board battery charging is provided by means of a standard three-phase 380V/32A supply and requires 8 hours to fully charge the traction batteries. This provides a useful vehicle range of between 90km and 130km, depending on the number of batteries specified and the vehicle mission. These are actual distances established during evaluation trials and are repeatable. The vehicle is driven exactly like a conventional vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission, that is with only accelerator and brake pedals and a transmission lever indicating forward, neutral and reverse. Vehicle control is managed by the traction inverter based on brake and accelerator pedal sensors indicating the driver’s needs. The electric Daily maximum road speed is electronically limited 70 km/h. This maximum speed can be calibrated at a lower level to even further improve the vehicle’s useful range. The vehicle is perfectly specified for urban missions such as door to door collection and deliveries and for passenger transportation. ECODaily 35S Electric models have two batteries with a third optionally available on long wheelbase models and 50C models have three batteries with a fourth optionally available, again depending on wheelbase.