A complete offer

The transport world is rapidly changing, and customer demands, which are becoming more demanding and have become increasingly diverse and complex. To the many questions of transport professionals are so many answers that Iveco’s strong experience in continuous evolution, can now offer the most extensive and articulated proposals in the world.

As always, therefore, customer satisfaction is a fundamental of Iveco’s product development activities. The E3 symbol reflects the entire objective of the company to market products that are high in innovation, in line with the constraints of mobility ever more sustainable, but with a realistic and pragmatic approach.

Iveco research on alternative fuels and alternative traction is therefore complementary to the entire product range equipped with Diesel engines, all already meeting the EEV standard, the most stringent available. Iveco also supports the development of so-called second generation of bio-renewable fuels, derived from HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) and BtL (biomass to liquid).
Also be added to this cutting edge technology is the Agile automated transmission for the light range, and Eurotronic for medium and heavy range vehicles, which contribute decisively to reduce consumption and make driving more comfortable and less tiring.

Iveco offers value and ecological solutions to the customer, with which it contributes to the creation of the future of road transport, taking an open attitude towards the ongoing research for alternative technological solutions, which use innovative fuels traction systems, but also staying focused on the development of systems allowing reductions in fuel consumption and operating costs.

In conclusion Iveco is now more than ever able to satisfy the most varied and complex needs of transport professionals with a range of eco-friendly products, the most able in the sector in scope and capacity of response to the specific technology application for those who make deliveries ( from urban distribution to international transport operator) for those carrying goods (from food to building materials) for those transporting people (from school to scheduled urban and inter-urban services, from vehicles equipped for handicapped persons to luxury airports and hotel shuttles), without forgetting those who use a camper, obviously based on an Iveco chassis, to enjoy leisure time.