Born for the driver

Since its launch, Stralis has proved to be reliable and efficient. Not by chance, the competitive factors at the basis of Stralis success are the vehicle characteristics considered as the most important by transport operators.

The new cabin
We have designed Stralis focusing on the comfort and wellbeing of the driver and the passenger.

The experience of life onboard substantially means cabin quality. For this reason, the new Stralis cabin was designed following the suggestions and advice given by the dealers and the customers, who led the designers’ pencil. More room inside, the bed size, the covering features, the internal lighting, more space to store objects and personal belongings (+15%) are all the result of this team work.

Three different types of cabin for specific missions:

• Stralis Active Day: equipped with low roof short cabin, suitable for medium-range missions, for city and suburban uses which do not require overnight stays;
• Stralis Active Time: used for medium and long distances, national or international, with low or high roof long cabin;
• Stralis Active Space (AS³): the top of Stralis 2007 range, whose name is due to its extraordinary internal comfort and whose size makes it look like a cube (available also in the version with low roof).

Driving comfort
On every cabin model each driver can find his/her ideal driving position thanks to the new air seat with four comfort levels (travel increased by 40 mm compared to the previous model, for a total of 220 mm) and the driving wheel adjustment system.

Decompression engine brake, hydraulic retarder, radio, cruise control can all be operated without taking the hands off the steering wheel. Also the EuroTronic gearbox selector is built in the steering wheel.

In particular, on AS³ the following improvements have been made:

• new fabrics, cotton and microfiber, which ensure comfort and resistance in time;
• the dashboard has been improved by new plastic materials and new soft paints which raise touching pleasantness;
• the multifunction instrument panel with colour display, which supplies the information on the vehicle system operation, has a graphics easier to read;
• the new lit up pointers improve the 4 round indicator reading.

All the controls are clearly visible and easy to reach in order to keep the vehicle always under control in complete safety and comfort.

Given the efficient climate control system and the excellent soundproofing, Stralis can offer the driver a comfortable and safe driving also in adverse conditions.

Life onboard
At the top of the Stralis range there is the brand new Active Space (AS³) in the high roof version which, given the roof profile and the rear wall, offers:

• +95 mm in height;
• +90 mm in depth;
for a total 1.8 m3 more in volume.

More space to move, more space to rest, more space to store objects.

The stave-beds are bigger (746x2020mm for the lower bed, 784x1940 for the upper one); their comfort is improved by the use of new materials and the folding system of the upper bed (with air springs) enable its quick and comfortable opening. The bed can be reached by the brand new aluminium ladder.

As to the lower bed, there are three possible layouts:

• bed consisting of three modules, with table built in the central module, for a homelike cosy environment;
• three modules with built in passenger’s seat, with a significant comfort improvement compared to the solution available up to now on Stralis Active Space (AS³);
• bed consisting of one single module, to obtain maximum comfort at night, and a sliding container (capacity 100 litres) next to the fridge.

The new top crossbar includes several compartments with lids which can be easily opened/closed by means of gas springs; large space is available also below the bottom berth and on both cabin sides.

The folding table is bigger (+30% in surface: 580x545mm).

The volume available inside the compartments has been increased by another 15%; the central compartment of the new Stralis now measures 450x780mm against 220x595 of the previous model.

The interior lighting is now more powerful with new roof lamps.

In the layout with one or two drivers, with fixed or turning passenger’s seat, with double berth or top luggage compartment – Active Space (AS³) proves to be the ideal working and living environment for long range missions.

Stralis has a typical design, developed by Iveco Style Centre in compliance with the needs pointed out by the customers, because respecting who drives also means providing him/her with a nice looking truck. The new style further stresses the vehicle personality together with the image and functionality of the cabin space.

The cabin external lines were designed for an ideal aerodynamic efficiency: despite the roof bigger size, the CX has improved by 2%.

On the two bodysides, completely redesigned, now there is a large compartment (with electric power control opening whose size has been raised by 60% compared to the previous Stralis model) and a compartment under the cabin, on both sides, for an overall stowage of 480 litres.

The new radiator cowling has a big grill and wide space for personal customization. The new line style integrates the new bumper in the cowling lines incorporating the headlight clusters in one single dedicated area which facilitates accessibility for maintenance.