Sustainability and performance in transport

​A wide and well-balanced range of engines to suit all applications

The New Stralis features Iveco Cursor 6-cylinder engines equipped with new mission-specific fuel-saving solutions. The wide range of engines for the New Stralis includes 3 displacements, with the Cursor 9 at 8.7 litres, Cursor 11 at 11.1 litres and Cursor 13 at 12.9 litres, and 9 power ratings ranging from 310 to 570 hp, all providing class-leading power and torque density.

The new Stralis’ environmental performance has been improved further through the engines’ greater efficiency and a boost in performance on some models: maximum torque on the Cursor 11 has been raised by 100 Nm on the 420 hp engine and by 50 Nm on the 480 hp, while maximum power on the Cursor 13 reaches 510 and 570 hp.

HI-SCR: Iveco’s signature technology

The New Stralis features the patented HI-SCR, the best selective catalytic reduction system on the market and the only one that achieves a 97% NOx-abatement level, meeting Euro VI standards without EGR. In its Euro VI/C version, HI-SCR also detects in real time any variance in the emission level through new AdBlue sensors that provide continuous, accurate emission management.

With HI-SCR there is no active regeneration and exhaust temperature is lower: this makes the New Stralis the ideal truck for working in restricted areas such as airports, ships, tunnels, refineries and fuel loading bays, as well as for dangerous goods transport missions.

HI-SCR is a compact, lightweight technology that offers the best combination of efficiency and service life. It also has the longest maintenance intervals on the market, maximising uptime, and delivers excellent fuel efficiency. It all adds up to the exceptionally low TCO and outstanding sustainability of the New Stralis, the TCO2 champion.


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