The New Daily Camper: maximum comfort even on the longest journeys

The qualities and values inscribed in the DNA of the New Daily also make it the perfect base for a camper or motorhome. A vehicle that rides the crest of technology in all aspects, from comfort to technology, power and environmental friendliness, promises carefree holidays to customers that choose campers built on the base of an Iveco.

Iveco technology guarantees power and flexibility from engines at the top of their category, which combined with rear traction and differential locking offer maximum drive, especially on slick terrain especially in low-grip conditions.

The vehicle offers maximum comfort even for the longest journeys. The ergonomic seating position and controls, along with the adjustable steering wheel (45 mm longitudinal adjustment space), help reduce driver fatigue and boost concentration. Thanks to the wide viewing angles, through both the windscreen and rear-view mirrors, featuring wide-angle and large dimensions, the driver can handle the vehicle in complete safety, even with larger motorhomes.

Comfort also integrates technology. Among the most innovative info-telematics solutions, the vehicle may be equipped with a handsfree phone and radio controls on the steering wheel that allow the driver to make phone calls via Bluetooth® and listen to music from CDs, MP3s or via a USB connection. Upon request, optional Iveco navigation solutions are also available, which in addition to the previously described features add a large 7'' touch screen along with a rear-view camera feed and the Iveco satellite navigation system, typical of a truck, which allows the driver to set the weight and dimensions of the vehicle.

Comfort is also ensured by the technology applied to the suspensions: the rear suspension can be equipped with an air suspension that electronically controls the vehicle’s weight distribution to optimally absorb vibrations, thus guaranteeing stable and low-noise driving. The structure of the steel frame, the same concept seen in Iveco heavy vehicles, ensures a high-level of build sturdiness and permits for bodybuilding - from the more compact versions to the more luxurious motorhomes - of a robust vehicle. The offer is among the broadest available on the market with versions ranging from 3.5 to 7.2 tonnes and single- or twin-wheel versions, 4 engines and a choice of 3 transmissions.

Iveco has developed new versions  that are specific to the leisure vehicle sector with a GVW of 4, 5.6 and 7.2 tonnes on twin wheel versions.