Better handling and driveability

​The new architecture with long wheelbases and reduced rear overhang has improved the balance and handling of the New Daily van without compromising its extraordinary agility in tight spaces. Its turning circle (10.5 m) is the best in its category.

A new front suspension system has been developed in order to fully exploit the potential of the new vehicle. It improves comfort and driveability, and will be adopted as standard on both van and chassis cab versions.

The new QUAD LEAF front suspension is based on a double quadrilateral arrangement with traverse leaf springs that produces excellent results in terms of containing dimensions and masses. This new front suspension, standard for all models up to 3.5 tonnes, is the best combination between the characteristics of the two previous versions thanks to several characteristics:

- maximum permitted load of 1,900 kg (+100kg)

- height from the ground for the chassis cab versions of 175mm (+45mm)

- increased load capacity (+40 kg vs MecTor)

The new van line-up wheelbases focus mainly on the single-wheel versions. They contribute - in combination with the new suspensions - to deliver great enhancements in terms of stability and reaction response, allowing for lateral acceleration similar to that of a well-performing automobile, equal to 0.74 g.

The front suspension system has also been restyled with a dual quadrilateral arrangement and a torsion beam. The QUAD-TOR suspension system, available on twin-wheel versions, has been adapted for heavy usage and can carry a maximum axle load of 2,500 kg (2,100 kg for versions up to 5 tonnes). This solution, which uses a torsion beam as a flexible element, is a unique feature in the sector and has been one of the Daily’s strengths since it was first launched. 

The rear suspension system on single-wheel versions has also been revised and its geometry has been recalibrated in order to minimise oversteer and increase the damping efficiency of the shock absorbers. A weight reduction of 8 kg in comparison to the previous model, along with a loading compartment lowered by 55 mm make the New Daily a top level competitor in the rear wheel drive vehicle market.

Safety standards have also been enhanced with the New Daily. Aside from the standard Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the New Daily introduces high-technological content, such as the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), that emits an acoustic signal when the vehicle departs from the marker lines of a lane without activating the signal indicators. The system is extremely effective in preventing accidents caused by distractions or drowsiness.