​​​​Weight sensitive missions such as concrete mixers, where the customer’s profitability depends on the payload the truck is able to carry, kerb weight is of paramount importance.

The Stralis X-WAY raises the stakes with its Super Loader version developed specifically for concrete mixer applications, which delivers the best payload in the industry. It was tested by independent certification body UTAC on an 8x4 chassis in running conditions and pulled by best-in-class 9-litre 400 hp engines, and its kerb weight was measured at 8,845 kg.

This best-in-class kerb weight was achieved through a number of design choices such as the redesign of the mechanical rear suspension, the chassis architecture and cross members optimisation, and the 400 hp IVECO Cursor 9 engine, new front ‘1-leaf’ and rear ‘2-leaf’ springs, 800-Nm PTO without clutch and optional aluminium rims and air tanks. The result is a robust vehicle our customers can rely on to deal with the driving conditions on a construction site while carrying the biggest payload in the construction logistics and urban services segment, then go on to deliver excellent fuel-efficiency, safety and comfort on the road.