High business productivity with a true high fuel-efficiency and TCO performer

The IVECO S-WAY is the ideal vehicle for long-haul missions and the perfect business solution for the fleet owner. It raises the bar on performance and fuel efficiency with a host of improvements and new features, achieving an overall reduction in fuel consumption of up to 3%.

The new engine line-up meets Euro VI/E emissions standards and is type-approved for 100% second-generation bio-diesel, such as HVO. The Cursor 13 range has been extended with two new power ratings, 490 hp and 530 hp. The efficiency of the Cursor 11 and Cursor 13 engines has been improved through increased compression ratios and a new combustion management strategy.

The 13-litre engines have been coupled with new, high-efficiency single-reduction rear axles, and longer rear axle ratios down to 2.31:1 are available with standard profile tyres. This enables substantial down-speeding, resulting in greater efficiency when cruising on long-distance routes. These features make the new Cursor 13 490 hp pivot model a true TCO Champion and the perfect vehicle for long haulage.

Additional features contribute to the IVECO S-Way’s fuel efficiency. They include the new Eco Mode for the automatic air conditioning system, which eliminates unnecessary energy absorption, and the new A-pillar aerodynamiccovers that further improve air flow around the cab.