The new IVECO T-WAY together with the IVECO X-WAY

The IVECO T-WAY and IVECO X-WAY make up IVECO’s full off-road line-up, which is the most complete and renewed range for off-road applications on the market.

The IVECO X-WAY heavy range is ideal for applications where the truck works 90% of the time on the road, and is capable of tackling the last mile off road to reach the job site. It is designed for flexibility, with an extensive choice of chassis, cab and axle variants.

It is built for robustness and reliability in a wide variety of applications, and has all the safety, comfort and efficiency features of an on-road vehicle.

It is the perfect vehicle for markets with strict limits on total weight, and consequently where payload drives productivity – in particular the SuperLight version, which delivers the highest payload in its class.

IVECO WAY RANGE: a complete line-up with a solution for every heavy-duty mission
Today’s launch completes the IVECO WAY Range, which now offers an extensive heavy line-up of first-rate vehicles for every mission:

  • IVECO S-WAY: the best performing and most efficient on-road heavy truck in its category.
  • IVECO S-WAY Natural Power: the first natural gas heavy truck designed for long haulage.
  • IVECO X-WAY: the “perfect crossing” of IVECO’s long-haul excellence and off-road robustness.
  • IVECO T-WAY: the toughest vehicle on the heavy market that takes performance, reliability and versatility to the extreme.