Engines, performance and profitability

The New Daily range of engines and performance

New Daily customers can select between 2.3 or 3 litre engine capacities, two fuel types (diesel or compressed natural gas) and 9 power outputs ranging from 106 to 205 HP. The engines are available in a Euro5b+ version with EGR or in a Euro VI version with a mixed EGR + SCR system. The post-treatment system is compact and is located at the height of the chassis without impacting on carrying space. On the Euro VI versions, the new generation common rail system allows injection pressures of up to 2,000 bar.  The range is finished off with the 136 HP Natural Power version, which reduces the cost of fuel, pollutant emissions and noise impact.                           

All the transmissions are six-speed, including the Agile automated gearbox, which can be used in automatic or sequential mode.


Profitability: the New Daily offers the best fuel economy ever

The New Daily features important technologies which aim to limit consumption: fuel savings equate to an average of 5.5%, depending on the different vehicle versions, and can reach up to 14% with EcoPack for urban missions.

The aerodynamics have also been enhanced, especially on van models, with the drag coefficient (Cx) reduced by 6% (from 0.335 to 0.316).  

Through a simple button on the dashboard, the new EcoSwitch function allows engine mapping with the availability of reduced maximum torque (especially suitable for reduced load conditions) and a 5km/h restriction on the vehicle’s top speed.

The Smart Alternator is an operating mode for the alternator which allows for the recovery of kinetic energy from the vehicle during release and deactivates the absorption of power in battery-charging conditions.

EcoMac is an operating logic control for the automatic air-conditioning system which optimises the operation of the compressor depending on the actual passenger compartment cooling requirements, while taking account of the perceived equivalent temperature.

The measures to optimise fuel consumption are rounded off with solutions aimed at reducing friction, such as reduced tangential load piston ring seals, low viscosity engine oil and low rolling resistance tyres.

In the van configuration, a 7 tonne New Daily offers more than 4 tonnes of useful load carrying capacity and almost 20 m3 of useful load space.

A further advantage can be obtained by selecting rear air suspension, available on all versions. On chassis cab models, the upper level of the load platform is completely flat with no encumbrances, which ensures maximum bodybuilding ease and flexibility.

Additionally, on both versions, the improvement in aerodynamics and the technological solutions adopted on the vehicle (from the EcoSwitch to the intelligent alternator) allow total fuel savings of up to 5.5%. This involves a significant reduction in the vehicle’s total running costs.