Exterior design: new and functional

The Iveco “family feeling” makes its debut on the New Daily. The vehicle design has been completely renewed and once again allows the Daily to stand out for its strong personality, distinctive style and attention to detail.

The front-end stems from the composition of different modules: the glazed surface of the windscreen, framed by black pillars, continues seamlessly into the side windows and joins with the band created by the headlamps and the grille at the height of the mirrors.  The bonnet stands out between the two modules like a floating expanse: its encompassing shape and dimensions facilitate access to the engine compartment. Lower down, the bumpers stretch to the robust wheel arches and assist road holding with their horizontal design. 

The New Daily features a design as sophisticated as any car, but it has its own, clear identity which it proudly displays because its shape is closely linked to its function. The headlamps are in a raised position and retracted to avoid damage in the case of minor impacts. The continuous line between the headlamps and the front grille descends to highlight the energy and road-holding. The bands which encase all the sides protect the body and aesthetically separate the lower section with the mechanical parts from the upper section which is dedicated to the cab and the load compartment. The larger glazed area makes the interior compartment feel brighter and increases vertical visibility, and the new style improves vehicle aerodynamics.


Interior design: the new concept of comfort driving

The cab interior has also been completely redesigned to make it an even more pleasant environment for the driver and crew to be in, thanks to a space developed to increase visibility, ergonomics and sound insulation. The new dashboard, completely redesigned to enhance vehicle ergonomics, seat and steering wheel, allows the driver to adopt a similar driving position and have a similar experience to that offered by a premium automobile. Specifically, all controls and storage pockets were designed with the idea of making them easy to reach from the driving position, including five closed compartments, three cup holders, as well as tailor-made compartments for everyday items, such as mobile phones and tablets.           

The "smart" space management, the sound insulation created through the use of sound-absorbing materials and the more efficient control of the air-conditioning system make life on board extremely comfortable in all load conditions and whatever the mission.

This aspect is enhanced further by the wide range of info-telematics which improves the general quality of being on board. In particular, the IVECONNECT platform allows the driver to manage an infotainment system that includes radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth, rear view camera and satellite navigation each activated via a dashboard mounted touch-screen.