"Strong by Nature": the communication campaign

​“Strong by Nature”: this is the claim that accompanies the New Daily campaign around the world. A vehicle that stands out for its strength and durability, further reinforces itself with an important step in its evolution, whose acclaimed history has seen many successes to date. A vehicle, that since 1978, has shown its ability to impress: the strength is in its DNA, but today the New Daily demonstrates its full power in an even more astounding manner.

In short, this is the concept at the centre of the New Daily advertising campaign which principally focuses on the vehicle’s striking appearance, portraying it is a true star, evoking all of its strong points for the world of professional business from the van to chassis cab and minibus versions.

The vehicle launch colour is Boreal Metallic Blue, which draws inspiration from an extraordinary natural phenomenon bringing to mind the colours of the sky and ocean, iconic symbols of strength and beauty. This creative element, centred on the concept of the strength of nature, and is also linked to Iveco's commitment to environmental sustainability. This is a responsibility that Iveco reinforces every day with its production of alternative fuel vehicles.

Iveco has also created a new original application devoted to the New Daily for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play, in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Polish, the NEW DAILY App features an intuitive interactive menu that allows the user to discover the innovations introduced in the new vehicle models along with all of the services that Iveco offers its customers. Among the main functions are 360° tours of the vehicle interiors and exteriors, a comprehensive product configurator and X-ray imaging of the most advanced technical specifications.