Public transport

In keeping with its vocation as an innovative manufacturer, Iveco Irisbus strives to satisfy the needs of customers who are putting increased emphasis on the safety, comfort and eco-compatibility of the vehicles they purchase.

At Challenge Bibendum 2011, Iveco Irisbus is presenting its Citelis city bus in a 12 metre version with a new generation, advanced propulsion system: series Diesel-electric hybrid drive.

This type of traction system is ideal for public transport in urban areas. It can be described succinctly as an electric traction system with an on-board battery charger. Depending on operating conditions, hybrid propulsion permits reductions of up to 39% in fuel consumption and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, along with a reduction of up to 50% in NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions.
During acceleration, power from the Diesel engine driven generator can be integrated with that from the batteries. At constant speed, the batteries are not used because the power delivered by the Diesel engine is enough to maintain speed.

On braking, the electric motor acts as a generator to recover kinetic energy and recharge the batteries. When the vehicle stops, the Diesel engine is turned off and exhaust gas ceases to be emitted , giving further fuel savings and a significant reduction in atmospheric and acoustic pollution. When the vehicle sets off again, the batteries supply the electric motor and start the Diesel engine up again as soon as the driver presses the accelerator pedal.

The Hybrid Citelis is also available in an 18 metre version with an FPT Industrial, 300 cv (220 kW) Tector 6 Diesel engine associated with an electric motor 200kw.

Magelys Pro
The Magelys occupies a position of prestige in the luxury coach sector for its excellent performance. The latest addition to the family, the Magelys Pro, targets the world of tourism and travel and embodies all the qualities that characterise the Magelys range.

The Magelys Pro comes in two lengths (12.2 m and 12.8 m), with seating capacities for 53 and 57 passengers respectively. The vehicle is driven either by a Euro V FPT Industrial Cursor 10 Diesel engine rated at 380 cv (280 kW) combined with a ZF6S 1600, 6 speed mechanical gearbox, or by a 450 cv (330 kW) FPT Industrial Diesel engine combined with a ZF AS-Tronic 12-speed automatic gearbox for a higher torque at lower engine speeds.
The Magelys Pro is equipped with full air suspension that is independent at the front wheels. Superb road holding, perfect directional control, without roll and pitching, and greater passenger comfort are the main strengths of this suspension system.