SCR: an exclusive technology which complies with the Euro VI emission standards.

At the RAI in Amsterdam, Iveco and FPT Industrial will be presenting to the broader public the new Cursor 11 engine equipped with the exclusive SCR Only technology developed by FPT Industrial which guarantees compliance with the Euro VI standard.

Iveco and FPT Industrial announced the introduction of this exclusive technology on Euro VI industrial vehicles in May of 2011, underlining the high degree of technological excellence and the advantages it will provide to their customers.

The new engines, equipped with FPT Industrials' SCR Only technology, feature optimized combustion systems and post-processing of exhaust gases, to ensure that Iveco can maintain its leadership in the area of consumption, while improving its compliance with environmental regulations.  This result has been achieved thanks to a highly efficient control technology patented by FPT Industrial which entails an extremely high conversion efficiency of NOx emissions (over 95% compared to the 80-85% posted by our best competitors).