Working cycles

These are the various operations necessary to build something finite, with a logical sequence.
The operations are described in operation sheets, where the activities, the tools and the drawing numbers of the elements making up the vehicle to be documented, are all noted.
Each operation is divided into stages; in practice they are a series of small instructions in an ordered sequence that explain what to do and what to use to assemble a particular part correctly.
The working cycles are employed in IVECO in the following areas:

  • Trimming  and Subassemblies
  • Preparation of Subassemblies
  • Testing

Under the contract agreement, Iveco must provide its Customers with the assembly cycles based on the agreed Knockdown standard and the lightening defined in the commercial negotiations.
As a result, if, for example the Standard is 3/A, Iveco will only send the assembly cycles of the Chassis and not of the cab, and so on.

Standard layout of an operation sheet, agreed and approved by Iveco