Some licensees ask for lightening in the IVECO PBoM so that they can purchase materials directly from local companies (e.g. leaf springs, batteries, tyres, etc.) or produce them within their own company (e.g. chassis long members or pressed panels for cabs or bodyshells).
The following cases can therefore be described:

  • LIGHTENING: this refers to the elimination of certain parts that are not present in the original supply.

There are normally two types:

    • Shown as Options and linked to the CKD vehicle (e.g. lightening of tyres and rims)
    • Only evident in the structures of the BOM and supply list, marked with an asterisk (*). (e.g.: batteries, leaf springs, etc.).

  • ADDITIONS: this refers to the introduction of parts that the customer wishes to add to the structure of the CKD kit, but which are not envisaged in the BOM of the reference CBU (original supply);
  • LIGHTENING AND ADDITIONS: this refers to the elimination of parts and the replacement and introduction of others.

Other cases of lightening exist, for example, in the case of the air system, when the customer decides to request an indefinite part instead of the already cut and coded tube.

These modifications entail the updating of the “SPECIFIC DOCUMENTATION”.
Iveco occasionally has to create a specific kit, to meet specific requests from the customer for loose parts (screws, bolts, tubes) or for options, in order to allow a locally manufactured component to be assembled.