Organization chart

Iveco Manufacturing has created the CKD Technical Support department with the following goals:

  • To guarantee technical support to the Iveco Marketing departments together with Chief Engineering during definition of the product for the Licensees and the evaluation of their assembly processes.
  • To establish the technical reference for the Licensees for product and process and quality documentation.
  • To guarantee the quality of the operations of the logistic operator right up to the shipment of the CKD kits.

The CKD Technical Support department is responsible for the CKD kits of the Heavy and Medium ranges.
The Iveco plant in Suzzara is responsible for the Light range.
The responsibility for all activities related to Irisbus CKD kits belongs to Irisbus.

Every member of the CKD T.S. department knows his own role in the department structure and recognises his position in the “processes – activities / responsibilities matrix”.
This matrix identifies the persons with primary responsibility for each activity performed by a specific department, and those with secondary responsibility.
Updating this “Processes – activities / responsibilities matrix” is the task of the head of the department whose job it is to guarantee the changes at personnel and also organisation level.