Training courses

The contract agreed between Iveco and the Licensee envisages that:

  • Iveco must organise and hold training courses at its own plants or specialist institutes (e.g. FIAT ISVOR).
  • Iveco must send experts or personnel from its Training function to the customer company, with methods and timetables to be decided when the contract is drafted, to instruct the local workforce on the job, to make the manufacturing cycle fluid.

The methods, payments and expenses are defined in the Contracts and vary from market to market depending on the quantity of vehicles purchased and therefore of manufacturing volumes.
In the context of these Industrial Collaboration Agreements, the licensee company will send a document with a list of the courses requested, on the basis of its specific needs, the number of people involved and the envisaged duration.
Iveco will analyse the requests and then issue a programme with the necessary resources to hold the courses, with the timetable and method defined by both parties.

Training Program

Training Certificate