Local norms/legislation

Every country has specific legislation governing the world of transport, infrastructure and traffic safety.
Iveco needs to be familiar with the regulations and specific laws in the various non-European countries, in order to issue vehicle type-approval certificates, to define the obligatory options for that market with the customer, to gather information about insurance, about the handling/shipment of materials and finally about customs duties and barriers.
It is important to identify two important aspects of the receipt of documents regarding specific legislation/norms:

  • Initial stage of commercial negotiations in a country (Iveco is not present):

the information is requested from personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the diplomatic-consular staff
  and the various local Departments of Navigation and Transport (Ministry of Transport)

  • Normal Running (Iveco is already present in the Market):

Iveco is informed about changes in legislation by the staff of the Marketing Aria Manager present on the Market
  and by the managers of the Dealerships in the country.