Specific technical documents

Below is a list of the necessary documents that are sent to the customer as envisaged by the contract:

  • Assembly drawings.
  • Assembly, upholstery and chassis preparation cycles with destination of the materials on the vehicle’s BOM.
  • Approval and specific tests of the testing machinery (roller benches, brake test benches, headlight trim adjustment, liquid filling machines, diagnostic machines for different systems, control unit programming).
  • Lay-out (line and subassembly positions).
  • Product specifications (technical documentation with list of all assemblies and assembly diagrams)
  • List of equipment and/or power tools for vehicle assembly.
  • Working and operating instructions.
  • Other working cycles for specific shops such as painting, welding and frame  (based on customer’s needs).
  • Working instructions.
  • Assembly diagrams.
  • List of auxiliary materials (oils, liquids, lubricants, sealants, adhesives).
  • List of tightening torques in order for the assembly sequence, divided by line Inspection data sheets for quality control.
  • Product manuals/ Handbooks.
  • Guidelines for product/process Audit.
  • Training manual to be used by the control unit programming station.
  • Spare parts catalogue.