Light range

DAILY  Vehicles

The light range has a robust chassis and offers the performance of a “truck” with the lightness and driveability of a car. This range offers a wide choice: from vans to chassis-cabs, with single and twinned wheels.
and minibuses with different configurations of passenger seats.
Daily is a versatile vehicle, light commercial from 3.5 to 7.2 t, which remains among the leaders in our markets.
With its front-mounted engines equipped with common rail injection and specifically designed for commercial vehicles, provide a good  balance between performance and power consumption ; these vehicles are also equipped with rear-wheel drive and a Robust frame as the higher ranges truck.
The engines are diesels with second generation common rail injection, which were designed specifically for commercial vehicles, and guarantee an excellent ratio between performance and consumption ; five or six-speed gearboxes are fitted with these engines
The rear suspension can be parabolic or semi-elliptical depending on the model; air suspension is also available.
This makes possible to compose numerous variants for all types of mission.
In its most robust 4x4 version, it is suitable for all off-road conditions.


POWER DAILY vehicle is designed for maximum performance in all conditions, using all the available IVECO technology in terms of performance and safety; also combines the robustness and reliability having been built according to European quality standards.
Structurally derived from IVECO light trucks (see Daily models), PowerDaily offers a complete range - van, chassis cab, minibus - with the advantages of rear-wheel drive and a wide range of gear ratios for optimum performance.
With a gross vehicle weight (GVW) ranging from 3.5 to 5 tons it is ideal for those looking for productivity and economy
The 2.8 and 3 liter engines offer exceptional flexibility. Performances are therefore suitable for all missions.
IVECO PowerDaily models are available with four different engines:

  • 2.8 liters 105hp (78kW) Euro 2
  • 2.8 liters 116HP (87kW) Euro 2, both with mechanical injection pump easy to maintain.
  • 2.8 liters 125HP (93kW) Euro 3 with high performance and versatile Common Rail technology.
  • 3.0 liters 143hp (107kW) with Euro 4 Common Rail engine.

The 2830.5 gearbox is one of the most reliable systems being silent, robust and precise.
The braking system has front and rear discs and ABS system as option.
On the front axle it is possible to have independent suspension with torsion bars with hydraulic shock absorbers. The rear axle is equipped with semi-elliptical suspension, to improve comfort.
Finally, the ladder frame with " C" shape and with riveted cross members, ensures sufficient strength for any type of configuration.
The vehicle, having a truck frame, ensures high structural rigidity.