Packaging cycle

The packaging cycle is defined every time that a new CKD or specific KIT is programmed on the monthly manufacturing Rolling.
The activity starts by analysing the Supply List and goes on to break down the parts by product family.

CLASSIFICATION product family

GOODS Typology


Small & chips:

Items as; plug, screw, nut, block, rivets, washer.


Small Items:

Stirrup, joint, switch, spring, specer, bush, teleruttori, smal pipe, contactor, connector.


Medium Items:

Lateral light, pipe, door handle, lock.


Medium – Big Items:

Air filter, headlight.



Power steering, fuel tank, propeller shaft, shock absorber.


Very BIG:

All the components that require a specific packaging: tyre, rim, steps, mudguard.


BIG (with Crane):

All the components that require a specific packaging: engine, axles, gearbox, frame.

The packaging cycle and related data sheets must show the sequence of operations necessary to package the parts, starting from collection of the dismantled case, right down to the case closing operations.
The more crucial and delicate the part to be packaged, the greater must be the level of operational detail specified in the sequence of operations.
When compiling the cycles and data sheets, it is important to take into consideration any particular climate conditions in the receiving country, envisaging suitable protection for the goods.
To improve the information provided, it is advisable to supplement the operational sequence of a particular packaging procedure with a photograph or diagram that shows the physical arrangement of the parts inside the case and the precautions adopted to pack them.